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Pool, little flowers dotted the shore is full of irises and orchids, plants countless. There are dozens of respect dignities above, were placed with six saints and the Queen Mother of the Jade Emperor, slightly below the three realms of the big parties are some people able to land, such as the other three Great heaven, who elaborated cut four Buddha taught master, etc. both are more famous person. Unfortunately, now still no one on these dignities. As the saying goes, the most honorable people are the last to come. As above those pavilions, lotus futon, but it has been filled with a lot of the Three Realms monks, are also some Daoxing generation, gather together, his face revealing nothing but the color of joy. See discussion now, suddenly hit sandalwood, the burst of compassion gas enveloped the entire Wonderland, a move the hearts of everyone, secretly call and said: Goddess of mercy to His Holiness. Sure enough, a moment later, was surprised to find a great scholar, looks dignified, his eyes full of color compassion, along with the benefits of shore behind a pair of young boys and girls Walker came not Guanyin Holiness is who. Not neglect the immortal, have worshiped Road. Guanyin Venerable little, went to sit right in the penultimate over of dignities. Then a burst of whistling, a golden light from thirty-three days down, the hearts of everyone surprised, looked looked surprised to find a monkey dressed Buddha, Golden Delicious shining armor, are canthus teeth tooth grin swept the crowd one, the immortal hearts beat of a sudden, have to bow their heads in silence. It is well-known to the three realms to those who fight over the Buddha, the saint disciples, grumpy, how dare to offend. 'You monkey off to presumptuous!' Guanyin Venerable face with compassion, although like the rebuke each other, but in fact, it implies concern between words. Venerable Guanyin with big ambition broke through large Luo Jin Sin, arrive early quasi-holy, how to understand the trend, and now the secret chaos, and the beginning of Lang Francis submissiveTake any action. ' Li Kewei indifferent a chuckle: 'And how is that a few more, I am afraid that the court did not dare move really short-lived fad Kuo, Kuo recent years since'm out of the darkness, blatant settled throughout, it also indicated that they not looked down on the court. ' Shenzhen Dong said: 'You put it.' Shenzhen Dong said: 'I did not dare.' Kewei Li said:. 'Dare you, with me, kill a few big guards who can not reach me, I'm gone, you do not need to send,' he stood up and walked out. Chen Zhendong quick-witted shocked, sitting Pafu from the ground. Li Kewei walking sound disappeared, from the ground up, raising his hand to wipe the perspiration from his head, and he spent a long time, the move should go out. Timely flash of red, the door more personal, is the one who Enchanting, absolutely glamorous red round man child, Chen Zhendong bow of the body, said immediately: '! Girl' Red man child: 'The man is gone?' Chen Zhendong course not hide, lay it to say that a clear. Listened, red man child face changed color, said: '! He has the first emperor of the plaque jade Who is this ......' Red man child Mei Feng Wei Zhou, Shen hum a little, suddenly says:. 'Anyway, it is no trivial matter, reported' Chen Zhendong should be a cry, bow and walked out. He had left behind the red man child more individual, this person was a lanky, surface such as Guan Yu, Zhu lip if painted, handsome and easy, but looked haggard, his face sullen young men, just listen to him coldly : 'You're a step late, did not see, but did not talk to him two.' Beautiful boy did not look on his face, said coldly: '? Ask yet.' Red man child sweetly said: 'There is not too clear, how?' Adonis said: 'Then you ask me, for him, I probably know much more than Chen Zhendong.' 'Oh!' The red man child hesitated slightly, light soon, flirtatious Ningzhu children, said: 'how do you know it very clear to him strange, how would you ......?' Adonis said coldly: 'It is worth it strange?' Red man child suddenly