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kill shelterXiehen, shout: 'Ignorance Villains, asked for a swift death Buddha said today, you may not want to slaughter!.' With that long retreat Kang potential, shake off the robes, the addition of a ring removed, the solution of the ten three cymbals slipknot, slips a towering two Zhang Mei, I heard grinning, flashed in the hands of the moon and double loop, vertical will come. Kang also went up to catch the hands, face secretly vigilant observation. See that fly thirteen cymbals, as big as saucers, all with a yellow rope wear, wear tight-fitting yellow rope is forged. A ride cymbal one, do crosswise like, while five cymbals, stick tied chest. It was used three cymbals stacked crosswise on top of, the end is very clever. Material has been known to live button solution, only I do not know him bicyclic in hand, encountered another rival, another skill quickly, the Czech Republic, such as wind and rain, never without power ease of hands, how empty display hidden weapon? Square in plan, who knows Xiongseng bicyclic applications simultaneously, compared to a single ring stops but also from different ends of the change no party marvelous way. Kang won the celebrity such as non-teaching, well-enemy, almost difficult to cope. Knew Xiongseng deserved reputation, is no trivial matter, Ancun this old Tulv fruit such as Lao Peng said, really a bit much to see air flying cymbals since flashed, no doubt need to use. Since the two under the Tianshan Mountains, reputed dead, rarely met opponent, had just been the first to take the field, they must negligence in him, even if minor is a joke. Thought here, increasingly cautious, poly-chun will of God, out of the door of experience, to turn a technical bergamot Lidi bicyclic, barely tolerable impervious to wind and rain. Both sides rabbit from the falcon, glare is more than twenty grips. On the battlefield, but also like a snake, and that the sun and moon shadow gray Shui bicyclic, under the sun, with the monks and laymen two shadows, Tianjin light rattling, electric hop case it bites again be inattentive in where it will kill two snakes together, cut into mess, when the owner is also sorry ah. Moreover, what was originally kept it from the master, which has long been damned snake, but the master refused to hurt students, our few disciples that it was not any Nai Ho Bale. Able to kill the snake, go to our disgust, nature is good. Therefore, even if the guests out of the error, not any here in accordance with the rules, the master knows, we can not afford to bear, do not a man approached it. ' Heimo Le funny always tricky, if not people, only to meet such a slack ghost, then both chatter - cold there derision, refers to himself not clear, but could not think of what words to refute. Nepalese students with little to speak again, and as always unpopular, not as angry in my heart, can not say. Then Lianjiang, two children have felt the origins of this temple mentoring not ask how, by no means unusual figure. The snake has many years of support each other, must value, how to listen to people just to kill? Donnie say so, clearly that snakes powerful, best non-human enemy's intention whereby visitors disgraced. You really want to kill, the owner must also refused laid down arms. Are anxious to hurry the occasion, why self into trouble, superfluous? Heimo Le hardened enemy, since the ratio of the river, but also to understand the two children. No gossip as they had just inadvertently eating a trap, even stiff with shock, Shichengjihu, unable to close the front. See also other languages ​​provoke disgust, terrifying, heart, gas, and relies on new spirit was Chen Jian, just seen a snake kill bad, people are not easy and, bloom head, also subscribed detailed account of interest, not more detail check the other semantic interface replied: 'Little Master Needless limited our ability to ramble, though not necessarily addition two snakes, it is probably not the cause of the injury either.One - the rules, so good, too. We walked half a day, a little thirsty, ask the owner to lead to the herself in front of Don after day, less than ten feet away from the land. Bingchuantiannv afraid to lose her husband, pull immediately is a trick 'ice thawing' tip jitter, coldness little bit, like hail falling chaos, thousands of points million points will be down! Don is edged by day holding ordinary bronze sword, butHerd issued eight style, a style according to a formula, like the Yangtze River, rolling, people power is amazing, Li wins under their husband and another linking sword Ji Gong, Yingjie they did not dare to find the correspondence, relying only Brisk agility, swords cracks in the drill to drill! After days of fear Lisheng Nan Tang Chung Lee stole two, cast Herd sword firmly forced her to live, do not let her get near them. Jin Shiyi immediately seize the opportunity to display their extremely dodge, flying from the woods grazing, Li Qin regret grabbed his left hand, right hand grabbed Chung Show, among dazzling inside the fork has retreated into the woods, but with the 'day escape acoustic' of the surgery, with Li wins another said: 'You must not misbehave, only to lead them to wait for the next line will open miles outside the hill to meet..' said: '! I care too, I assure you,' Jin Shiyi's speak only Lisheng Nan heard, but Lisheng Nan Zheng lips slightly open, Tang after day across from her, but pay attention to it, in her Tiaohulishan, which also help with Xiao Yaonv come! 'Lisheng Nan princess smile, said:' Tang little head, you can count plummeted today it home! 'Young Longjian empty flash, a move' Lady pinning 'fast as lightning, Tang after day slightest distraction, only to hear the' brush 'is heard, the skirt has been her sword through the day after Don furious, shouted:!' Well, I just ask you this Vamp discuss people! 'Herd Eight-made wind illness, Bingchuantiannv of more of its powerful, circling dance, and turned it into a mass of coldness, but also immediately under the hood Lisheng Nan laughed:.' You want to make, I'm going to Excuse you! 'The end of the laughter stopped, a' small