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DenonIs secretly frowned, only the hearts of all the monks overseas sighed, though this style of Han Chi fairy bold, but not a bad man, things can only rely on instinct only, as Yaozu is quite upset, not door upright into sects, can turn shape is already blessed, and where would like demanding what profound and systematic cultivation practice, not to mention the angel of the territory, that is, even the previous degree robbery are cautious, Han Chi fairy only line of this technique to obtain a variety of spiritual path to enlightenment, but in the end is the root of the line is not deep, when approaching tragedy. Shot into the fly ash is much greater probability. Finally there is an angel now before us, not the means applied, might be able to get one or two practice Dharma, the angel of the achievements of the environment. Zhen Fang heard Kome swept away, a golden shot, hit in the eye Han Chi fairy land, and that Han Chi fairy seems to be like a bolt of lightning struck, pale, staggered two steps back, and quickly sat down. All the monks could not help but chuckle. Zhen Fang seeing a move in mind, a little sigh and said: 'Although the fierce sense of momentum is not evil, although strong but not violent, throughout the entire practice community, also known prehistoric those years when the Wu family have this momentum.' 'Wu family? Long group?' Everyone outcry. Taoist breeze quickly asked: 'I dare live, how powerful this person?' Zhen Fang shook his head and said: 'I am afraid that there is strength in front of an immortal on the mysterious order of strength, not my enemy, etc. But think Pindao down, it may be more than a collective effort, gathered together was mysterious fairy. on the order of strength, while the latter has an imposing appearance, although soon disappeared without a trace, but still emerged a moment, if Pindao not mistaken, which was a person out, and now there are angel By order of strength, but Pindao think, after this person will be so great loss of strength. When the victory, I am also injured it! '' Master carefully, this Nvzei hidden weapon hit badly! '' Backyard also found a thief, he set fire to the village! 'MengThis is even more surprised than just pass, there is a 'Nvzei' is coming last night? That's not who his daughter? At this point, the red sun breaks out but hear the sound of groaning, Meng Shentong looked up, but see two shadows. Flew over the fence, Meng Shentong how sharp vision, a glance, have recognized one , another is the Gu Zhihua. Of course, fear Liqin Mei Meng Shentong leak of his secret escape, but his daughter enemies, he can not let her get away, go deal with who? All of a sudden, was actually playing host actually uncertain. Chen Tianyu couple moments like these machines, swords a punch, get away immediately, Youping issued a bomb Bingpo God, where disciples Meng Shentong ban withstand? There are several skill weak cold even paralyzed on the ground, trembling. Just at that moment, Chen Tianyu husband there period. I will not let you! 'At this point, off France monks and Meng Shentong launched almost simultaneously, destroy France monk shouted:' I will for you that woman surnamed Li Lisheng Nan couple with Sky. Although reluctant to destroy France Meng Shentong monk catch his daughter, but then I thought, destroy France monk never dare hurt her, but just this Lisheng Nan did not allow her to escape off. Both sides stature are lightning fast, instant, Meng Shentong already crosses the wall, off the French monk than a step faster, catch the enemy, he reached out, they would Lisheng Nan arrested! At the moment between the flash of light, sudden, I hear, 'wave' sound, as if something burst like, suddenly flew a cloud of smoke from hands, smoke mingled with countless fine as hairs plum needle, Chi Chi sound emitted. Meng Shentong a cold heart: '! I'd forgotten the Li family's vicious hidden weapon' Although he has nearly mastered the King, the footer, vertical shaders should not be toxic to his life, he was not toxic smoke more fans down, but if they are plum blossom