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have a real foundation, under the nick of time, still displaying the dead escape The insurance bills, see a situation is not good, a block Wu Jinzha Mangjiang left turn, right Yang knife to cut, taking the true power of more use to make a 'Guaimang turning' of the stops, the desire to change the vertical as flutter, step aside turn to the past, the only one on the floor, you can have a life insurance. Meanwhile enemy Tieguai Weaponry has been open to the fence, another volley body, the knife would not cut, the most passing, no naked, raw skill are smart agile mind. No such Po Hung designed to go in the well-known stunt disc spend only one in three feet would never expect to survive within the close, although the body vertical volley from the hands and mind agility corresponding Weaponry but, with the progress of the potential changes. Tigers knife just Shui Li Meng potential emergency, there is no use, only parry was two, still eating scored vital center. Po Hung answers, think clearly, a grid cut Shui knife to see the enemy, has long antecedents Quzhun momentum, Wu Jinzha hands slightly startled a twist, this slid. The situation was urgent tigers were always a belief doubled effort, to change the number of display? When the knife Shui hair, people are ready to turn over Wangpang this to the door wide open, not a masking body, mind a tight, dark, shouting: '! Not good' Just at that time, fast! Just listen to both sides Weaponry touching, two or three sound clank past, Wu Jinzha Dangxiong tigers have pierced in the past. Because the two sides were forced fierce, vicious tigers Xiongheng sex again, although stabbed, the body is still going to roll, knowing no injuries Fortunately, Jinu hearts and minds, teeth, roar loudly, it was Wu Jinzha Dangkai steel knife cut to his right hand again readily. Then Po red body is still vacant, Mengjue Wu Jinzha with a crooked to the side of the enemy, their strength is very large, quick-witted, left kick to go back to the tigers right arm, pulled since then. Tigers body a into a staggered bone network, all without wrist lock each other's arms. This is the ancient martial art in the hands of the most brutal Fenjincuogu a style - the wrong bone chain. No one who has been scared sanity wrist panic, even the crotch are wet, wild and shouted: 'You ...... you are truly Du wind ......' Du cold wind tunnel: 'You guessed it.' Easily beat up on each other to push the chest. 'Bobo Bobo' Even the sound, open the monument chewy hand fanned out along the penetration last dozen persons without wrist chest with shock them into pieces. Field a scarlet, in addition to uphold the drops of blood fall outside voices, no longerNo living presence. Du wind deadpan turn, seems to kill a few mosquitoes in general, lightly:. 'You do not have to eat something.' Liu fat lie straight vomit acidic water on the ground, even spit bile naked, screaming and said:. 'Thank you, Grandpa ...... instructor, I do not want ' Yang also spit zero seven dirty eight elements, Tuwan she actually stand tall and said:. 'I went to the kitchen shouting something.' Du wind actually a bit surprised: 'The next you eat?' Young zero bite: '? Even if you see these scenes could not eat things that you can not even put those skills to pass on to me, right.' This time even the wind Du shocked, it seems that this is a stubborn little girl finds himself entangled not only does not give up her own income is. After a long while, Du wind coldly: 'First get the things we want to stay here until someone guiding.' E whined: 'Who will be guiding it?' Du wind no longer speak, hands tight pinching spades '5' metal signs gradually change, its black ink on re-melting into a distorted '4'. -------------------------------------------------- -------- PS: Advertising ISBN 1003720 'about the outsider.' I do not know when, wandering the city already began to downpour. Dim the lights reflected in the muddy streets, has witnessed unspeakable deserted scene. In the narrow streets, a shadow is frantically fled figure constantly fear losing gourd, Dinghai beads, stick Fuso have this atmosphere. But if really on the up, as if the eyes to this feeling more ethereal, more obscure general, or the mountains, there lived a large one can of either mountain treasures to be far more Dinghai beads such magic. Dwarf mountain like a real high, think that how fast the car to speed Kowloon. But this time it was just over a hillside just let Zhen Fang heart Antan really blessed this Xianjia different. Above the main hall, a group of monks seemed strange, like the Grand View Garden, the large hall of hundreds of Jian Zhang Jian point above, flashing countless specter, there is a panacea. The refining of rare material, as well as already finished magic, etc., and some scattered on the ground. There are places on the Jian, all Glory Angela, Chongxiao the sky, you can find a community of non-comprehension. Obsession with the color of his eyes, revealing all the monks, although aware of the ban on these magic numerous, if they wanted to charge is probably difficult, but magic is at hand. Which does not surprise hearts. These refiningPeople qi, although ordinary people see certain ideas or behavior in light, but in some places it far more than the average person. For example, this magic, practicing Dharma, and so long as to make himself into a large Daoxing can make their own soaring immortality, etc., all be thinking about these comprehension. 'Senior immeasurable!' Breeze numerous large hall looked real magic, could not help but also Huanliaoyisheng three clear founder. Out of the line and said: 'I do not know how many there is a world of treasures collected.?' 'According to Fu Wai Sin reconsidered in the line, breaking the ban may obtain a magic weapon. Creator reality has taken about two mountain temple done. But this second road ban, Zhou stars in a large array, if not good luck guide me and other live appearances, so I'm afraid I will die in large array Pindao real good fortune that can then take a magic weapon, then the opportunity to act in accordance grunted: '! I do not care what happened to you miracles now, immediately, accompanied by your sister and I went to New York.' She jumped out of the control room and walked straight out, entirely oblivious behind Yang Lie unabashedly staring at her burning eyes.We gain an advantage, to get their hands on Shushi yuan, otherwise called on others to account, and do not put him devouring eat pigs fly!Come on! 'Wu Yunshan busy and asked: 'Duron palace women are so heinous it?'Guan Mei Mei smiles: 'interior strength to a considerable stage almost everyone, everyone is desperately looking for supplements, element is that we set up, these men you'd better be careful, they are hungry to the extent of the and saw a fresh man, like bees met with sugar ...... 'Wu Yunshan nodded his head and said: '! Then I can get ready, anxious color female wolf dangerous than anything else.'Mo Lisha laughed: 'Duron palace not only horrible woman, a man can be very dangerous, you have this large number of stunning beauty to be careful, do not call them stained!'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'Who dares to stick me, even if he was a kind!'Mo Lisha Mimi and off each other laugh, Xuenv said: 'Heidi, you have to be careful that they are not pregnant you kindly!'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'I know, although they compromise with me, but I'm also anxious children with the Tao, Chen Xin wishful them well, whatever they want, but they are white bother!'Mo Lisha smiles: 'That is best, and we certainly hope that you missed, I hope you succeed, we limit the Holy One died in this place, and we indulge tired, if you succeed, we can change of environment, a bad idea not a good thing! 'Off the United States and the United States said: 'You would have to login to be Lianchuang two off the main hall, now Shushi yuan by the system, you little white cheap break one off, met the Holy One, see your performance of it!' said: 'Do not forget that you told me the conditions laid down by the death of you still control in my hands!'Guan Mei Mei said: 'As long as you know that smooth,