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secretly told to go. a examine, I discovered that Liu and his son heartless, all is Yiguanqinshou, collude dog Pirates Jinpeng, Hakuho baby couples want to take the risk of a loved one a gift, do not want to be reclusive Fuchun River side, pseudonym Oh Sang Su half scoop of Dusou see through him and fear a SGX to good, dark dog stamp Pirates pluck. Gouzi Jinting Yu this and his grudges, encouraging Hou Shao ambush halfway, Wu suffered a delicate plot, and soon his death. Hou Shao eat bad eyesight loss, manslaughter friend already has remorse, forcing the couple favorably Pirates bury dog. ' Geying flight, are down, said enthusiastically. Suddenly he heard 'Master', has appeared on the temple wall, dazzling , grinning runningIn his hand, it is that the iron fan, even to bring the total of the total effort, but a meal. This way, Hugh said the young girl looked surprised, even Geying also Theft Wan did not expect so rapidly, Harrier eyes Yuan Deng, less than the speaker, had to wake up drunk Xi laughed: 'Old man, you count the final discerning ., received his first disciples did, at most, as people said to excel, then there is not a joke or anything else, then you are good signs that the Dodger even down tonight ' said: 'Fart! Apart Fan willing to send her second child, where the head will have other hidden secrets. With a kid who see him so alert, smart, not without hope, must not be so easy. Your Fan dick when it is delicious? 'Heimo Le Ancun:' This old man really powerful, Shishu repeatedly advised me to worship him as a teacher, but added it is not something to be so wrong answer method, it did not appraise, 'he replied, laughing:.'. Master does not have to ask, I just do not say it, everyone becomes tricks, each subtly different, the thief is not a decent thing, pierced paper tiger, worthless. No matter how I stole, I personally solution anyway, the second child from the waist Fan Under even if successful, do not believe you went looking for the second child among Fan. To ask the details given, law does of his men ate tantamount get Ke Leizha to hide secrets. Sure enough, the old man sinister authentic: 'He is talking, the car is the wind [Independence Day] Du prepared.' Fat woman pretending to be surprised authentic: 'is it that our collaborators punish traitors hell squad bounden duty?!.' Her throat has issued more than girls also charming giggle, coupled with the swelling goes deformed face without any hypnosis had the impression that the heart is extremely convulsions. Scarface grinning: 'This is another good reason to.' He look a fat woman, fat woman that has sent a nasty laugh and said: '! So, you had to die.' 'Dead,' the word decibel tone seems a little bit high, garage boss suddenly rushed forward, covered his ears . Groans everywhere, who do not have the ability to prepare for all repair workers fell to the ground, twitching limbs, dozens Jingzhuang man cramp moment because of the strong contraction to only nine children size. Ke Leizha Haide even soft legs, but an instant, he has returned to the city leaders of rogue character, vigorously pressed the left of the mini remote control. This change in the underground car factories are hidden everywhere escape devices such as aircraft catapult-like strength, five ejection device instantly bounce, three empty shells, and the remaining two of the jeep and bounced out. -------------------------------------------------- ---- Today, the first more, please book faithful to the book review area top posts leave a message, blessing about your sister-in-law and sister, thank you ~~ three empty shells catapult device, two bodyguards and garage waiver of the opportunity to escape the boss, the initiative team members rushed blocked hell. Ke Leizha in the air and roared:I dismiss you, and quickly walked. ' Bald repair shop owner miserable smiles: 'The mayor, to help us take revenge ah.' Turned and waved a full half-ton sledgehammer smashed cars hit the fat woman go. Before coming to wandering the city, the garage owner is wanted by Interpol Class A wanted