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your intentions?' said: 'I put the whirlwind pasture situation very detailed investigation, they master a lot, but only the strongest blue butterfly dream with another person, you and Miss Owen Didi each one, my father and his wife Yi Jing of the par room, if hands together, the strength is average, and unfavorable to us, and now more than a princess, they will reconsider the layout, it is favorable to us. ' yuan know she must have quite a sense of arrangement, no longer asked for, thought for a moment, just asked: '? Easy veteran who does.'Wu Yunshan said: 'In the pasture inside, such as coming out only when necessary.'--------------------------------------------- Old rain floor scanning, sea son, Hyun Crane OCR, old rain floor exclusive serial: 31 \\ 049 Yu Shi Yuan said: 'Tornado Ranch will not find it?'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'Probably not, you'll never guess where she was hiding!'Yu Shi Yuan laughed: 'I had to guess, then, a quasi-guess, and she must be hiding in the treasure-house!'Qiong Yao Yuwen stunned and said: 'how do you know?'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'Only that place was maintained possession!'Wu Yunshan said: 'There is only blue butterfly dream with my father to enter, hiding in the meantime, it touches foolproof, butThey mentoring, can not run. 'Subtraction monk said:' That is also good, these things is on Mangshan Cao Kinji say! 'The evidence is conclusive, no doubt, Meng Shentong surprised, but see his long beard jitter, long, long time, are unable to speak French monks secretly wondered off, he could see from the look Meng Shentong: Meng Shentong Among the joy seems to also have a bit of fear. Gu Zhihua understand why that kind of perspective with him, 'So she really is my daughter! '' She would rather kill her I do not want to stay at my side, yeah! So you actually hate your birth parent body of it? 'Meng Shentong miss this, begin to cry, this is the second time he had ever cry, cry for the first time, that is, when he separated from his wife of twenty years ago off method monk said:.' Meng brother, handsome looks frail Tan Xu and wanted a piece of cake. To his surprise, his fingers just a ride to the ground, then clicks all Duanzhe, from the Tan Xu's body, came waves of strong pressure. Xu Tan legs fluctuate up to form as spring-like air, the pressure continuously delivered to the body. That is out of Tan leg - Extremely heavy fall! FrenchGet your own just like lambs to the slaughter in general, do not have any chance out, only screams and said:. 'Let go, let go, I throw in the towel.' Hear the opponents have to admit defeat, Xu Tan legs slightly slowed down pressure to the opponent's left a gap emerge. Frenchman finally emerge the pressure, sitting on the ground, panting, his hands touched his neck. He suddenly eye lotion fiercely, sky diving, what caught thread Tan legs. His arm had swelled to several times its original great, even if it is extremely heavy force of the bears, but also in his Le hold down suffocate. Frenchman grinning: 'Boy, you destroy the two legs, I see what you have the ability.' Tan Xu cold tunnel: 'I should have thought of that, the French are the most shameless nation speak count most.' Frenchman suddenly felt his arms legs has changed, the original soft legs, like wiping the loach, became general oil slick. Strong pressure, but to promote slippery legs to find a gap, and instantly out of his arms. Frenchman was about to re-mercy, Xu Tan legs have been reined in his neck, knees hitting the opponent's throat, the French people only feel a black eyes, fainted in the ring. Xu Tan kicked his foot ring, cold tunnel: 'The next one.' The other two French people you look at me, I look at you, crestfallen to the body of the French flag into a white flag, sadly authentic:. 'We throw in the towel.' The audience was another sensation, then spontaneously applaud the battle, coming from Tan Xu play opponents play ended, but a total of one and a half minutes. And according to experience, the first appearance of human strength is the weakest strength of ancient Chinese martial although powerful, but in the end was not their real skill, only to strengthen their ability to stand without lost land. future immortality Road chance. Even if this is not the degree of how much the ghost, how much merit, to experience something is good. ' 'Although Yi Bao Lord again on hand, but no weapons. If it is really a big demon in Nanjing city, to protect themselves more than lord, Tuidi but they could not depend among subordinates, should be the main person on refining one is a good weapon. 'said Bai Yunfei ideas quickly. Zhen Fang thought, it seems that is the case, there is a fire gourd itself, although it is on a good baby, but unfortunately does not work on its own strength, not to play the full force of Lingbao, a town of demon tower does fit, but unfortunately also the defense more than enough offense. Present sigh:. '. Although I have the tools, but not the last good material refining towns demon tower, or from the hands of others looted, Hey, there,' Zhen Fang suddenly clapped and laughed. I saw a move gourd, Zhen Fang suddenly emerged in the hands of large black banner pole ten years, but it is off westerly million ghosts from the hands of killing the soul seized banner. Zhen Fang touched, nodded and said: 'Although the fold westerly other not, this stuff is actually full of touches is all made of pure gold Tai, do not know where he was robbed by a number. steel ah! Finally this reality of actually cheaper. 'Zhen Fang's eyes full of greedy eyes, to adamantine will use steel, one ton of steel, but also to put forward a pound less than the Tai adamantine, now what all prices, even meat pound rose to ten pieces, not to mention the iron and steel, and about ten large streamers have ten pounds of pure gold Tai, obviously enough. 'Hey! What FIGHTING?' Zhen Fang arrived over the city of Nanking, looked at the first step of a little city of Nanking, only to find the city of Nanking really extraordinary. 'Huayu station? How in here?' I saw a black gas straight to heavenAlexandra said: 'Yes this