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disease, and who knows what kind?'Yanmu Fei said: 'I am afraid that is afraid of people know it!'Wei Han Ying smiled and said: 'Maybe!'Wang Jiao Yan Mufei turn Uranus and said: 'He who Explorer I know, have seen, is a 'live-contracting' Pange, his ten first-class nursing homes is what kind of people?'Coke Uranus: 'The top athletes are famous for many years, to say that you must know, 'fat, thin, double blame,' 'yin and yang of evil', 'Buddhism three', 'Pool's three poison'!'Wei Han Ying scared voice: 'So they ......'Yanmu Fei Mei Feng Wei Zhou said:. '. Formidable strength, the foot arrived half martial arts, they can never be underestimated for many years did not hear the audio, but unexpectedly all in the gold today to touch together.'Eyes of a condensate, said: 'He often ten at home?'Coke Uranus: 'He ten never closed, the second door step!'Yanmu Fei said: 'DUANMU party is to pay close attention to them, it seems to find DUANMU side, I have to pass this off they can not, that may not have to bumper up!'Meal, then asked: 'Kim family can have a kind of secret passage way out!'Coke Uranus shook his head and said: '! Heard, I'm afraid not.'Yanmu Fei said: 'do not you?'Coke Uranus busy: 'Perhaps, but I do not know.'Yanmu Fei said: 'You never heard of it?'Yanmu Fei said: 'What is strange?'Yanmu Fei Mei Feng Yi Zhou said: 'This is the secret of the original authentic, such as the end of the party who will not retreat without reserve, and seems to really trouble.'Wei Han Ying said: 'If he escaped from the tunnels, I'm afraid we ......' said: 'The trouble is here for the first four DUANMU party think tank, the high mental said in his first four people.In my view, he was far more than a secret tunnel to send, exports far more than one. 'Wei Han Ying said: 'how to do that?'Yanmu Fei did not speak, trying to come into a frown. A long while, suddenly looked up and look a coke Uranus, binocularIn Shanshe the EXTRAORDINARY SPLENDOUR ......Coke Uranus shocked, busy: 'Yantai Xia, this is to you ...... you ......'Yanmu Fei ligaments muscles, joints, and nerves were all cut off and replaced by a series of various parts of his body, countless evil spirits bright with purple Crystal Mountain. William empty eyes looked dazed, and then in the direction toward the middle-aged man came up to me after the middle-aged man can not help but step back, but William still flew in front of him, leaning on his shoulder, fear authentic: 'I ......' You can see from his open mouth, throat series which has not vocal, but the formation of banded purple evil spirits Crystal Mountain. 'Boom' sound, William explosion in front of middle-aged men, and countless small pieces hit the erosion of middle-aged men who face. Rothschild chaebol heir, this turned into a beach Lanrou bone. Middle-aged man stood numb, cold wind Du relentless voice came from behind him: 'So far, I have not seen one person after being hit me Daoqi positive, but also relieved my knife Gas! ' Xu Tan Luan and Black youth fighting, and not because of the emergence of Du wind constantly break Zhao Gang Qi Luan Body. Zhao Luan gas has been completely not support, blood-red breath is collapsing, 'vaginal bleeding' into the constitution must be lifted at the moment. Are struggling with the monster rally Deng, issued deafening howling thorough manner, one foot on the monster's toes, I was not the monster to guard against the unexpected counterattack, footwall floating sky and immediately fell to the ground. Deng made the leap to support him gradually Zhao Luan, a few in mind for her Dangxia Tan legs. He: 'Do not shine, I revelation from your wisdom, has seen his own, Miss Wu, I now know I am beautiful, why not impress Yu Gongzi, because his mind has an unparalleled idol, that is Triple supreme beauty ...... 'Wu Yunshan a slight chuckle: 'Snow Prize mother too.'South Biao Xue waited a touch and said: '! South Brother Yu main fact is his, did not your mother's beauty dazzled the snow, you actually have no move, but also with what is relied on it?'South Biao Cuhao laughed: 'Man Sajia have to use your innocence in exchange for my life, so I would rather die! 'Jinyu Qiong said: 'Do not forget, my heart is with this body is put to you, has been regarded as your people, your wife!'Yan Mufei stature Qingchan shocked, did not speak.Jinyu Qiong said: 'You do not love me, do me?'Yan Mufei still did not speak. said: 'If you love me, but also to me, this is a matter of time, why do you refuse?'Yanmu Fei suddenly said: 'Girl, I appreciate your kindness.'Jinyu Qiong said: 'Nobody wants you appreciate, I want you to listen to me!'Yanmu Fei said: 'girl, you know me!'Jinyu Qiong said: 'I know far more than you!'Yanmu Fei said: 'That girl is not the ......' said: 'I think this is what I should be, sooner or later, early one day what can not?'Yanmu Fei said: 'The girl does not have to say, I will not!'Jinyu Qiong suddenly Yi Tan, said: '! Mu Fei, your pardon, I only use the stronger.'Hand flick, the smoke was electric pink line in general to Yan Mufei shot to the face. not have this defense, not to mention that he could not see his eyes closed, so he has a different smell ignorant, that smell is already into the nose, he startled noses.Yanmu Fei said: 'girl, you ......'And shut his eyes, like he was asleep.Jinyu Qiong a softly exclaimed: 'Why do you think I would want to, I had to ......'Silver Yayi Yao, they go off the clothes!Wei Han Ying suddenly call: 'The girl ......' stopped his hand, but she did not turn around, said: '? How, my sister does not want to do.'Wei Han Ying said: 'Not really, I think your girl!'Jinyu Qiong said: 'Sister, I have more than think again!'Wei Han Ying said: 'The girl, with her family is more important than the lives of chastity, in exchange for a person's life, I think it is not worth it to do that!''No, my sister!' Jinyu Qiong said: 'for the public to private, I think are worth!'Wei Han Ying said: 'for the public to the private girls what means??'Jinyu Qiong said: 'Sister, who was pregnant with Dynasty Testament, shoulderSun looking for too, too much sun and back toward the