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according to the moment in the palm of your hand on the Du wind chest, glowing palm print at the Du wind body, then infinite expansion of palm. Turned into countless CLP in vivo Du wind surf, one of the most coarse brightest 103, entrenched in the three major wind Du meridians of the body, faint unrest. Du body just felt a cold wind, the body all the way points are arranged with blood running all reversed form layout and flow around the five elements of earth full of grams of strength, slowly moving air. He even went so far in the solid than steel body scraped the blood. Faint chilly wind blows, this amiable nature. Became an instant their enemies. Du wind looking at his body, dumb channel: 'Good strong land mine life.' Trick hands mine life skills. Not only can breath into lightning to destroy the enemy, but also embedded in the depths of his palm to the other bones, numerology change each other's fate. Du wind slowly stretched out his right hand, clutching Yang was reduced to zero and submarines. Numerous current membership by his body into the hands of the channels, the influx was reduced to zero and the hull Yang. There is no sign in advance, up to several hundred meters of steel submarines whipped soon restored the status quo, block wind between Du and Li Han. Li Han strong electro-optical gas mines. Instantly separated by a huge submarine hull. Mutation of the surrounding environment is restored to normal, there came from the submarine Du voice of the wind:. 'Is in accordance with the plan we have developed, the finals in New York to see' Li Han trembling body has calmed down, hair hung off the shoulders and said: 'There is one last thing, when horsepower tie team sent to hell, I'm afraid you can not deal with my father, so temporarily sentClown help you, it seems, she seems to love you. ' Du wind silent, Li Han lightly: 'Strictly speaking, we have put her from the side Zhizou mean girl though is sent to monitor us, but I have been to her sister as well, I hope you take. to her. ' Du wind living, Xiao Ling grabbed the child was about time. Under pain killer, ear sudden, I hear a voice said: '? Bid smelly priests, Get out of here you do not, do you want me to reward you a slap in the face,' Ling Xiao Meng Shentong child and the last battle in the pack when the Royal River , in order to arrest the sub-Ling Xiao Lisheng Nan, Jin Shiyi was very very hit him a slap in the face, and now think of them, still more than terror, then suddenly heard the one who hit him in the face of the person talking in his ear It really is no small surprise, master than fighting, capacity gains and losses that scared atheism, just as he was scared suddenly startled moment, Ms. Han blade across, immediately on his shoulder opened a three-inch long wounds, in fact, that he was not injured count, I heard the voice of the elusive, but also scared feitao up! Then only the Feng Lin and Fuli getting this right is still killing, Fuli beginning to see two companions were defeated, and can not help but yearned for him to roll, just bumped his toes, strange to say, Fuli getting magic body care, has also been almost to the first-class level, but to Fengyun stones touched, even broke our heart and lungs, stand your ground, Feng Lin secretly helped someone not known, one can take advantage to see immediately kicked to precisely Fuli getting kicked in the ass, this kick tried my best, played straight to gradually get out of Fuli thirty feet away! Fuli also getting really amazing play quite a carp, turned up, he immediately crossed the wall, throwing bitter rain sentence: 'You stole Shi plot, wins are disgraceful, the courage to lessTemple then decided male and female! 'Lin Feng laughed:' lost is lost, and said these modesty Huaer for? Who applied to the plot? Haha, really funny, but fortunately you are looking at in the next, he gave me a kick kicked failure was so embarrassed, but still not convinced it! ] Feng Lin self pride, to find that his wife looked at each other in Korea and Chung-wing, the last part did not go along with her said, Xian Qi is the biggest hindrance ancient martial art, I personally use my legs to play woke them and let them know that the only way to revive the ancient martial art is exhibited Powerful ancient martial arts, so that the whole world to abandon Xian Qi. ' Zhao also unwittingly Luan fists clenched, and whispered: '! Yes' DU is extremely appreciative of his fighting style, active release of the hands, eyes look to the Deng Deng cold tunnel:. 'Fortunately, I do not have any relatives and friends were still alive a' Du wind reached the hands of the training and preparation of paper Deng, voice ice:. 'This man, I think you should not be unfamiliar.' Deng did not Shenshouqujie, but took a deep breath, meditate again in my mind, he did not believe what family and friends are still alive, only to let go and took the paper. His eyes glanced slightly toward the top, and immediately like being struck by lightning, shoulders shaking hands paper also fall to the ground. Zhao Xu Tan Luan and eyes invariably swept toward the paper, wanted to see what people always make it look cool Deng became pale, painted on a crooked mouth dropped paper, the surface with a wicked look The man, despite how he would not see Deng have any blood or friendship relationships. Deng's face more and more ugly, constantly shaking his head:'Absolutely impossible, this man is dead.' On paper bearing the words 'president of the Association of Liberia ancient weapons,' the name, this post was originally to serve by Deng, since Deng and Du wind after leaving a war of ancient weapons Association, president of the Liberian Association of ancient martial duties have been vacant, and the strength to Liberia branch, the seed should not be included in the list of the team is. Deng will know who this person is. It is a former club president Liberian Association of ancient weapons he personally killed, and now he is not only the resurrection, but also to the inclusion of Da Cici only seed to be included in the list. Du wind willow day with eyes