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thousands of years long, careful guidance, is enough to kill a small white dragon can offset the causal.' Ao wide sigh. 'Humph! Western Buddhism are confused a good thing, if not let the Little White Dragon Taoist Na Zhunti to embark on a Qiantang River was, saying it was built some merit, Little White Dragon suffered a catastrophe where it would be.' Ao Chin suddenly cold said. 'Now able to escape, you have to select the party seeking refuge. Four brothers, who joined the party you think you can make me a complete guarantee Dragon?' Revealing a trace of doubt face the East China Sea Dragon King. Ao Shun then thoroughly awakened from a dream to Ao wide, this is not a battle of the Gods, nor is it a matter of Journey to the West. Today Dragon greatly reduced air transport, practicing countless years, but now the whole world is nothing but a dragon gold fairy peak only, where to break through to the large Luo Jin Wonderland world. I'm afraid to lose the protection of the Dragon will then be immeasurable amount robbery repeat things, this may be the last time so there is no good luck. Therefore, Ao Guang this question. 'Although there is not yet action Emperor now, but once the action up, I will definitely be one of the Dragon, because I'm so has the whole world, once launched Emperor inevitably require pound after I waited four continents, in the future even if the Emperor really become, I'll wait for the Dragon Emperor will become saints goal to please the heavens, he is not a saint, so I do not have the ability to protect the Dragon; Western sects, although as large, but after Sheng will decline, then the prize is an example of our ancient, seal God of War is an example of the cross-sectional teach them, after the Gods, is an example illustrates teach, so the door can not throw the West. Although the empress Wu family's kindness HoutuBut Wu family even took the victory, but also doomed with just the yellow line, it is impossible for a long time, he is the witch, not representative of the family, the Wu one is simple Lord, Take thy brother who he was of ginseng fruit enlightenment, that ginseng fruit early was its refining, you had every move inland in five village concept, do you think he does not know, he just wanted to take the opportunity to let me Buddhism owe him favors it, but also to ensure that his Crawford of Sin. Look Look Red Cloud, when the industry does not know how many people with him and befriend Kunlun Mountains after a gourd vine, this is his first discovered four top knot gourd, he lost to someone else, Taishanglaojun got purple hyacinth, East Huangtai a got a gourd, and later cut fairy Make a knife, hum, then it has also participated in the siege of Red Cloud, which causality does not know how to count! Nvwaniangniang also got a gourd, Make a move demon streamers So if you were a disaster, Nvwaniangniang have nothing to say, if it was still his to cause it. ' Monkey hear face became pale, every thought to actually hear the case confidential. Under the thinking, quickly asked: 'Master, how it helped him into the road?' 'Well, do not you think that the earth is only a monkey.' Quasi-mentioned Taoist laughed: 'When you read that killed monkeys, also prehistoric dissimilar, but now it has been done Zhen Fang disciples, the future of your Causal naturally solve yourself. As Monkey, naturally there is another two monkeys, the future will naturally brought before Zhen Fang. But, you do not know mentoring four year provoked much causality,I am afraid that there is danger after killing ground. You can practice in my cave, you can also go to the Goddess of the walk, they must out of thirty-three days later, otherwise there will be dangerous. ' '? Master's saying, we have a dangerous mentoring' Monkey King was shocked and said: 'Oh, my two Young?' Said the stature of a move, going outside the cave towards the fly. Suddenly a pair of big hands now out of thin air, pull it in, not to mention the quasi Taoist is who. Zhunti Zu division thundered: 'You not seek death.' Then pointing to the right, casually eat some cakes to dusk, she had asked passers-by, you know walk Qi Bali, the front is a town within a town she deliberately dumping lodging, detour in the past, to be the dark, simply abandoned the horse, trying to dodge the night on their way, mind:. 'You want to block mistaken my trip, I arrived two days early picking fish out' in front of a section of the mountain, the sky curved crescent moonlight is not clear, the mountain rocks pity Kawasaki, from time to time there came a cry beast. Gu Zhihua candle self hurry, plus two days to give tease too perverted uncertain, Rao was her great talent, but also from a little Xinqie. Between walking a sudden, I hear someone doing all outstanding gravel on the hillside, Gu Zhihua drew his sword, shouted: 'Man is a ghost?' Initials, Finals end, suddenly 'bang' sound, a boulder rolled down. Gu Zhihua opened a 'sky crane' agility, body uprooted Shu Zhang Ping Kong, a large piece of Shi Ganggang rolled from its feet. Gu Zhihua drew his sword, furious and shouted: 'Who dares to plot against Shi, the courage of the contest on down!' On top of the hill a gloomy voice said: 'Come on earth you have sighted, first you eat a two stones . 'Another voice said:' Where you go Jin Shiyi nobody now backing it, as early as possible sensible sword throwing it | 'sounds like the two men had heard, especially that woman's laughter?. more strident, Gu Zhihua wanted to look up, the original is in the vicinity of the two men and Liu Chuang devil himself played against those two, one is the Kunlun scattered people, one is basking mulberry wood. Gu Zhihua a cold heart, thought:. 'These two skills devil is no trivial matter, but fortunately most of the martial arts solid eight appearances Kim dread see the end, if one of their two people together, I could not escape the clutches of tonight.' Gu Zhihua said to myself, their own ability to fight even though both failed Wencaoshengsuan devil, unloading it at the end will defeat tonight anyway, this battle is always difficult to avoid, and the