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people gathered into ancient weapons, due to the interaction between the gas emitted from each other, matrix effect is reflected most vividly. Right now a long line of ancient weapons, and to form a nearly perfect Hydra array. There will be a gap in front, Du is waiting for the wind gap. Fill in the registration form teams putting people had left behind him who immediately make up, but came in third place in the hands of people seem obsessed with video games, there is no timely to keep pace. Perfect gap 'array', the wind suddenly appeared Du expect the gap. Time this gap appears at most twelve seconds, but in terms of Du wind, enough to complete the action a million times to jump the queue. He gently pulled Yang zero turn, they quietly cut the gap. Du wind gas body perfectly blend with the surrounding atmosphere, came in behind him who wander trance, not even found someone broke in, just keep his head down game. Young zero stared in surprise, ancient weapons in techniques she had seen a lot of strange, but Du wind cast has been out of the scope of the martial art, similar to feng shui lifeAnd the art of marching lineup. Her eyes overflowing with color vision, the thought is indeed the world's three ancient weapons of the first, if they can learn tenth fine. In second place of people are beginning to fill in the registration form, Du noted that other wind handed the registration table, tucked a stack of colorful notes, probably as much as $ 20,000. Responsible for matters relating to the registration desk workers seems to have satisfied, mouth an effort, to indicate its number two doors. It is obvious bribe, it seems that a few doors are not randomly distributed, which have a clue. Gas enough to make a star Du wind sensor to the door of the situation, with a keen wind Du perceived direct sense, lined up from left to right behind the reception four entrances, fourth door is the most dangerous. Pile of tens of thousands of dollars in money, but also to the ancient warrior just entered the risk of II addition to a limited number, the other because it takes too long and lost the role, Asura flowers are extremely rare thing, how can think of thousands of people someone would With this poison flower plot them, of course, not prepared in advance antidote. As a result, the Li family thirty people young and old, in a semi-comatose state, martial arts almost completely disappeared, Meng Shentong killing was clean, just escaped from a pregnant woman, which is the mother while Simon Makino also take advantage of the time they kill, steal martial left ten thousand articles. After you're done, these two partners accomplice 'good friend' Face dissent, Simon Makino suddenly from behind the attack, with the poison of Meng Shentong stab wounds, he thought Meng Shentong been fighting to exhaustion, the knife can certainly cause him Doom, I did not realize the high Meng Shentong martial arts, beyond his expectations, before the poison, first he played injured and robbed of thousands of martial heritage articles. Meng Shentong King was already excel Zhang Li, Simon Makino about his concussion triple burner meridian, expect Simon Makino also not live up to three days, because they also poison around the corner, it is no longer to catch up with him. Makino Simon did not even think of death, but also took a side Meng Shentong never found detoxification Scriptures, after twenty-three years, at this critical juncture, suddenly appeared. Simon Makino in this twenty-three years of painstaking research into detoxification Scriptures, research into drug culture, the devil took birth in the warm of the law, considered a good hour, so that wasDevil flower at the same time one hundred Mangshan open flowers per plant, average flowering ten thousands of fragrant flowers flower devil, as good as in the Mangshan planted a gigantic network invisible poison, expect when the world expert, that is considered his internal strength has picked up a pinnacle of the territory, in which thousands of extremely thick pole else devil flower fragrant