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to be found? ' When I inspected him not to look, as early as expected him to turn undone. When we look at the stone library, see the wall pattern, knowing that there are differences, because the non-short time can check times, Shen Lin live here because I do not know the library for several years, the money will be Thai stone that we are still unaware of the secret library. 'I do not know the library to be awakened, to explore things jump, turn cause surprise, he was always expected to come here at night to steal hair hid treasures, was going to go with you to see authentic antecedents, thieves have been quick succession. A tripod is very good eyesight , people are smart, never without vertigo invent things. To see you out there a rockery, this thing had no early suspect it's a bit role. How quickly your feet away, driven out, but no people to be seen near the thieves must have hidden place. A Ding said that he stayed in the building the way, that area is no hidden, verticalSome rocks trees, can not escape your eyes. So think of the tall small rockery, because apart this close, also concluded that there is authentic dare. Went fine until one look, thick green moss mountain Xue was actually made out of artificial cultivation of water treatment. I Yunlongshan main workers before seen such a thing where Wu, know the ins and outs. Such fees are not funded drug moss, existing Khe Tanzanite wins here, what with such embellishment? Certainly not through authentic hole is a place Xue, but also found that there are footprints left underground and flaking broken moss. I listen to the law of land Fuer a stone edge to think is the beginning of a thief Bong division command, unfamiliar path, just go in, and I do not know the trail brought to light, that we were in there, did not see him. Declining to discuss is the mouth, the sound is not large, but it is also something I hear, initially wanted to use Miracle ban, so he came out errand Yi Wangda net, heir treasure already know in advance within Zeidao go, If I give him hypertrophy, open back barefoot, but no different place. According to the guild regulations to foreign bodies such as the snake out of the two sides fight, the other no matter how powerful, except with his own snake turtle out of the enemy, the only hand escapement stroke must not use guy. A seven must be concluded that bald snake capture master, therefore nothing to fear. But did not expect to raise their own dissimilar, people bitten, because death is a stand the sight of blood, the whole body is more lamella Stinger, hand Wan can not move it, just do not know why the snake moving earn \\ heart a wonder, A glimpse of the enemy aspects Huang Yu VI accomplices in Guangxi by the influx of students to fight the corner of the ring, but also the various rounding fist, put the snake out of the foreign body. The snake will smell the odor is caused by nothing to do with the face of the enemy. Before transferring to the idea, and asked the snake waist potential to earn more fierce, Zaichi will have to break out of the bag, bald A seven again urged laughing, too busy to Taiwan angle look, hurriedly skin soft waist bag locking a pull, mouth booed loudly, shouted: 'I carefully bald dog that green god king is coming!.' A word is not complete, the slightest repeatedly, a seven or eight feet long slender snakes such as odd-shaped thumb, has been in the bag slip out . TANG sister snake back in the bag this disk has several turns, the Shique is already very fast. TANG sister snake while calling out to chip bucket toward the left side Shenpan. Wear gloves to take a skin, body Wangpang flash. A seven bald see that serpent slender body, smugglers dominance, its shaped like a shovel, as black gold, very broad cheeks, red letters - the flame general throughput endlessly; amounts between a pair of red eyes light radiance chun, since Quintana neck following cyan, light oil and smooth; ridge center, from beginning to end row barb, thin and short, like a needle, very sharp; two slip ventral lamella, with two cheek agitation, always ups poem by Du Mu, a 'copper bird spring locked two Joe'!' a nod, said: 'Dongfeng not Shuro, copper bird spring locked two Joe elderly, I say good-bye.!' He said, arching his hands.Sun Sennton forget so quickly ax hanging salute, Yan Mufei smiled, explore the palm such as electricity, grabbed the ax, said:. 'The elderly, something out of a last resort, and only shot offended, please forgive me.'Another hand flyOne pointing out.Sun Tucson resort was seized just hesitated, Yan Mufei means that the acupuncture points are points, his body a soft, then back down.Yan Mufei is always fast, arm circle, took a free hip into the sky toward the Sun Sen patch of woods. Patch of woods in the two walked and talked through it, and is now close to within five feet, landing only one has come to the forest edge.He stood and looked at the edge of the woods, and sure enough, you can vaguely see the depths of the forest clearing stands a dark one out of two small huts, surrounded by bamboo fence around, abnormal quiet and tranquil, immediately, he omitted to mention gas sideways into the woods.Say 'father', hear Yanmu Fei hesitated, as far as he knew, 'Mountain firewood' Sun Sen with the 'South China Sea fishing' Life is not the same as to marry, practice is the 'boy power', life will never close and woman, what to such a daughter? Just fear among Fazheng surprised, hut that has since spread Huasheng woman: 'Dad, what are you?'Yan Mufei still do not know how a house is the case, he is now left holding down the middle Sun Sen, right hand holding Nabing tricks, for fear of misunderstanding, of course, this situation will only look any who misunderstood, so he hastened to make the right , palm shoot Sun Sen is made to acupuncture points.Sun Sen should palm while awake, feet touch the ground after the first sentence sidewalk: 'Yantai Xia, you ......'Yanmu Fei shook his head slightly, smiled and pointed hut.Timely, hut the woman Huasheng underway: 'Dad, you're talking about?'Sun Sen hurried sentence: 'girl, there are guests here, I'm