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sent it faster, run faster, between blink, golden rain only shuttle has joined together, comfort each other, but it seems a couple, and it was only his wrestling stallion, then that only females. Jin Shiyi staring pair golden shuttle, beware of them suddenly counterattack, only to find that the a very strange phenomenon, I saw the bird females throat issued a 'gurgling sound one, huddled on the ground, suffering from a feverish illness like cold, whole body quiver, that Zhang Xiong arm holding it, with a warm body to give him a pair of three eye grabbing beast Jin Shiyi, it seems that they are afraid to attack them suddenly Jin Shiyi. Jin Shiyi Seeing this scene, shocked, trail: 'So it is being hurt by the Meng Shentong:' That golden shuttle although copper steel frame, invulnerability´╗┐You give up a hand stronghold, will everyone in danger, it's worth it? Now they are again the lineup! 'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'I was injured become disabled, it will become a burden!' Yuan smiled and said: '! No, wound poison has to do, then wrap a dressing, you can immediately battles, now we can not afford to lose you a master.'Then take out the bottle, putting her wound, and torn skirts, wrap ready, Qiong Yao Yuwen jumped into the rush to grab from the sword again! said: 'Miss Owen, you wait, too late now to go, they have to supplement a good archer, you could just have been very easy to get out!'Qiong Yao Yuwen front row to see the stone house close archer, a full fifty or sixty people as much as previously thought of fierce danger, if not help but slumped funeral. Wu Yunshan said: 'These people are not ordinary archer, all of them have been trained, strong five stone arch, ordinary people simply pull them, so can hurt you!'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'I have tried out just Ms Cheng Yong, if not radical, killed in the first row, second row wrapped, I can solve half, it would be too dangerous, just this thirty archer , all of us will be able to shoot on the spot, you figure still miss saved us! 'Owen Sound Qiong Yao Yi Tan Long, flowing Master Password blowing from all directions, it is with the' diffusing 'the hidden weapon techniques, but after Feng Lin to Decades of skill within the family issue, every leaf have much more than ordinary hidden weapon. If the ground, or you can also escape,´╗┐Like dense foliage flying French side, and everyone stared, watching how he cope? Master Chan saw dense body shaking levy, branches sank down, he still Dimei together even with the ups and downs of the branches, the defense did not shot, blink of an eye, his frame beams covered with patches of leaves, this is scarlet equipment installed, Jingsi suddenly infected with a layer of green. Zen on pain of humanity:. 'First division once said, the Red Sect Tantric powers is the source of Tianzhu, picked up the maximum depth of the realm, and this school, there are many places you can communicate with each other, really good.' Like the original name used by the Master Password 'Sumeru mustard Gong', and the Shaolin school of 'King Kong is not bad agility' similar 'Sumeru mustard' mean, and if so this effort reaches the highest level, that is 'out of the Buddhist Sumeru Legend of Buddha mountain one of them, and the pressure in his head, it was like mustard and other master general of the air and said:. 'Unfortunately, not yet have reached a pinnacle, however, able to withstand Ping Youxia fly pick leaves effort, but also be hard to come by of the. 'The empty master' King Kong is not bad agility 'has been the seventh of the furnace, and the like can be thought to myself quite dense Master. If so it is for the pain to resist the Zen Master Feng Lin, then sprinkle the leaves stick Feng Lin lunch on his body into suifen now sown Feng Lin leaves, although unable to hurt like dense Master, but also made him feel slightly pressure branches repeatedly sinking, body swaying, so can only be said to be evenly matched, not that big a winner never master secret discussions, Miller says Lin Feng see fly fail, pick leaves reactive, frowned, got the idea, hehe smiles:. 'Master