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even like Jin Shiyi, but she caught up two hills, but there is no discovery, but somehow be a stumbling stone bite. With her ability, and that´╗┐Originally will never happen, it happens that the stone rolled to its feet, he gave her a stumble. Feng Lin I guess some people make fun of course, but also not sure whether Jin Shiyi, so full belly of the heart, and with a bit of doubt. Fortunately, after this game troubles, after a few days, I have not Meng Shentong people to make trouble areas. Feng Lin and Chen Tianyu both rushed to help people in the March 13 Mangshan from date of the anniversary of the death --- --- candle arm Shenni two days period. Kinji Cao led a door out to meet with the three generations of young and old, Chung-wing micro slope in the left foot, leaning on a cane, followed his senior sister apprentice. Tang Cao Kinji by day and after greeting, they would Yizhong Mu asked: 'I heard the main fact under the wing of that old devil of the victims, all right, if you get rid of the body chill of the air has not been utterly defeated Pitt Pei panacea to eliminate? There are all kinds of little cult poison effect, you can try. 'God knows Yizhong Mu Tang by nature generous, two origins deep, so outspoken asked him if Cao Kinji, he may be taboo, afraid to ask a. Yizhong Mu smile:. 'Thank you, Don care less Nagato, in addition to left foot injury to tendons, slightly inconvenient addition, internal injuries healed already Meng Laomo really powerful, I was a little Buddha he foot Foot confined to bed in March, is able to get up. Now chill of the air, and finally get rid of the net to make up. If Pitt panacea how little head, please send the two head to Korea it. 'He said,' Korean head. ' that is, the head of Qingcheng Korea hidden firewood, firewood and hidden Korea the same day he was hidden by Meng Shentong Shura hurt by the power of evil, and now not been able to move freely, this is the disciple with Ruanjiao carried him Mangshan participate event. Don vary by day a little care, mind: 'Han Qiao is one torture, which is also self-torture and other hard to get a moment, let alone three days and three night? Hastily exclaimed: 'We know our mistakes, we plead guilty!' Jin Shiyi said:. '! Empty admit, does not count in this first grave knock three ring head, to Lv Siniang veteran Peizui' Lift your feet, put the two officers, two officers climb up, immediately kowtow like Daosuan breath knock six or seven ring head, far exceeds the number of gold that set the world. Jin Shiyi hold back laughter, and said: '! Footed, each playing their own ears twenty, playing what you want to curse loudly, cursing yourself a darn son of a bitch, blind turtle son,' the two officers in the end is the Guards command of identity, so insulting in their own words how yelled export? Fang self hesitate Jin Shiyi suddenly sneer, filed a Tieguai, stare shouted: 'Yes, your bones actually very hard, refused to condemn it, I'd like to try, your bones are not really hard?? 'as if they fight´╗┐Under that two officers quickly footed, self-slapping squeak secluded pops! Beat the curse it, 'son of a bitch,' 'son of a bitch' sound, scream loud thunder price! French monks angry Qiqiaoshengyan off, seeing the disciple in the world before the hero, by Jin Shiyi this and other abuse, he did master's face what this deposit, that is considered the head of the Mangshan faction won the position, which is a shame but also lifelong hard wash it! Master than fighting, which capacity slightly distracted? Shanggang Gang destroy law and a firm footing, and Gu Zhihua tied, then a moving gas, gas impatient Xinfu, Gu Zhihua suddenly a trick 'Bai consistent day,' coldness disease spit Shuanghua sword, stabbed into his throat, destroy France Monk hurried backwards dodge, but to hear the 'brush' is heard, robes have to Gu Zhihua sword through. Fortunately, French monk relied polished off the internal strength, suck swallow chest abdomen, he sent half an inch tip, did not hurt his flesh, can also give a cold sweat! Jin Shiyi again only to hear loud in there told: 'You son