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once looking back National recovery Dragon, day-dimensional reproduction of the door, God will be lowered immeasurable merit, I Yaozu air transport more lingering, but Xianbao people, but also because this immeasurable merit, when soaring, no tragedy will come. Of course, this For there are disadvantages, the comprehension of those people, but also because of the aura reunion, day-dimensional reproduction of the door, the strength rose, perhaps I have Yaozu move. 'Having nine demon glanced at Tiger Mountain. Shan look the same, then asked: '? It another way.' Nine fox demon heard spit fragrance, said: 'Another way is simply a lot of anything, sit and watch his success and wanted the royal crown of twelve pieces scattered around the world, where there are so easy to find out. . ' Shan heard nodded, is preparing to speak. Black Garnett around suddenly grinning: 'The king, the best defense is a good offense subjects thought, I can not sit down and so the success of the twelve treasures are scattered around the world, but the message of human development, to find ten. two baby, nor is it can not beCan do. To subordinate can see, I have to look for etc. Yaozu, but not looking for all, but to find one on the line, after the find, which was destroyed, so that those who comprehension and dragon group never enough people Thirteen baby, will never let the door day-dimensional representation, Reiki can never be restored, so that I can still run rampant Yaozu world, as long as the opportunity comes, I can reproduce prehistoric Yaozu, between heaven and earth in the leading role. The king and I can also Yaozu , two of His Majesty the Emperor Chun equal. 'Zhong Yao heard rejoicing when that prehistoric think Yaozu rampant world, is the protagonist of the Three Realms, what a prestige, occupy heaven, orders the world, even the saints comity three. For a time the hall, full of the sound of flattery , Shan also listen to smug, as if he really can sit in the Peak palace, orders the world. Black Garnett suddenly said: 'I magic! 'Red is the heresy of the most evil magic five older killing star, Taoist opponent knew not immediately respond carefully, ah cry, hurried Jishou for the ceremony:' The old donor, your visit was originally Chu hills, not far from welcome Pindao , hope forgive me begging is fortunate. '' Wang Yuan, two less kind words, the old lady asked you just have two teenagers to come here, have you ever seen! 'Taoist quickly said:' There, there, there, not long ago is to go in this direction from the Huayang hole. 'The old man chuckled,' You're more honest than Lingshi good things without you. 'Then a wave, swaggering straight into Baoshu De whereabouts chase out.With the delay this time, Baoshu De already Huayang hole depth Midao. That is to go from a positive hole, then from a stalagmite as partial hole through the forest, about half a mile distance, currently there are stone statues, as long as the stone sideways push, inside that heard a 'rolling' a different sound, Then emerged a stone in the back door.Baoshu De Jijiao Baili Chao said: 'go fast.' Baili Chao stunned and said: 'There are bodies!' Bao Shude to him a bunch, followed it into the door and whispered: 'This is Maoshan school powerhouse, outsiders can not come in. 'They go in, the door closed, the statue has his own place, but it is dark inside.Baili Chao Bao Shude led to find their way, beat around the bush, and after a few like portals, and found the front appear bright.Hong Yuan real to him laughed: 'small donor, Pindao Midao come from another, Huayang hole countless agencies, Midong spider web in general, in order to find the enemy, the potential prohibitively difficult, two in This stay strike, all necessary Martin less donor know, eat absolutely not lacking. 'Baoshu De see him move are different? Asked: 'What are you doing?' said: 'I want to prepare a large bag, I am afraid that without the raw gap hungry.' sigh loudly: 'What are you allMore and more, and now in addition to the stars, there have been a meteorite, meteorite burning power is very