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not surrender!'Son die, what you anxious? 'That's two Huang Yiren haha ​​laughed:' What you die, how can something so cheap? 'Makino after Simon had captured her, already prepared to spend with Asura Yaomo with lilies prick her skin, into her veins in the Asura flowers make tendons crisp soft bone; so at the moment, Cao Kinji, real is more than an ordinary person might as well. internal forces will not come out, hit the column, forehead heel played a big bag, just pain in vain. The two have known Huang Yiren escorted her inability to commit suicide, she intends to make a good exposed the ugly, or else how can she get rid of guards Cao Kinji propped up, charge into the prison Kou Fang Gao, who re-seated the common phenomenon of Road:.. 'Cao Kinji although Mangshan school head, but not the culprit. 'Simon Makino said:' how, Mangshan court rival faction not it? The emperor himself had said to me the other factions are also fills Mangshan camp one can not spare. 'Kou Fang Gao said:' Simon brother may not know, although it ranked Cao Kinji head, but the position in Mangshan faction, but not yet, and his Young Yizhong Mu. 'Simon Makino said:' This is why? 'Kou Fang Gao said:' Cao Kinji to go home is a large grain cut county gentry, though Cao Kinji attached to the court, but not how the court against her Young Yizhong Mu Gai concurrently, it is often with the court against the person . So you took Cao Kinji, of course, be regarded as a credit, are still not as good as the big took credit for it. 'The common phenomenon of and said:' There are a couple Tianshan Pai Tang Xiaolan, that it is being done while the emperor who willingly. The emperor did not you say it? 'Both of them you made me a phrase deliberately belittle credit Makino Simon, Simon Makino is proud on top, which they poured cold water, angrily said:' In the next talk sarcastic down easily, but unfortunately you really want to move from hand, people have less available. 'Words extremely obvious meaning, that is the common phenomenon of the war on the turned to a forward, could not help scared out of their wits: I saw that Frankenstein has already Lisheng Nan grab the hands, for example, doing all open lips. In Jin Shiyi vomit originally lethal when Lisheng Nan ran out, is that Frankenstein discovered that he come and go like the wind, let go of Jin Shiyi, a flying, lightning put Lisheng Nan clutching. Jin Shiyi thisNo small surprise, quickly sprang unto Frankenstein, Frankenstein Guaishengguaiqi only to hear that laugh: 'Hee hee, it's a big girl: Haha, you did my, my -' wife 'word yet exports Lisheng Nan's body suddenly seemed terrible to find out what is generally some kind, at this moment, Jin Shiyi already flew over, less than thirty feet away from the land that Frankenstein, vaguely see Lisheng Nan Zheng micro lips opening and closing, but did not hear what she said, that Frankenstein suddenly screamed, Katsuo strip down the wide, flew hide their faces, to see his expression, Jingsi humiliated shame, to avoid them farther the better! this one sudden change, the big surprise of Jin Shiyi, instant, that Frankenstein had fled into the jungle among the missing Jin Shiyi surprised, will pulled up and asked:. 'You That is how the scare of Frankenstein? 'Lisheng Nan Zheng Zheng smile, said:' I am not afraid of him, he would naturally be afraid of me. Hey, you suffered his injury, quickly lie down, let me give you a treat! 'Lisheng Nan armed drug therapy with lilies, lilies will be thirteen, Lee Jin Shiyi into the bane of thirteen, Jin Shiyi then shipped Neigong a force, emanating from the insidious. Meng Shentong with good raw horror, although originally stole Shura hidden evil power, but do not know how to use the method to solve Cixue lilies, mind: 'No wonder that Jin Shiyi be unscathed, presumably for this girl he had received a Ye Jin Shiyi injured, after cure, the body's resistance to such enhancements chill of the air a lot, then this injury, there is no previous serious. After a while, the lily roots, said:. 'This time you just resting for three days,