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bomb finger and said:. 'I naturally have a way to sense ' Huangji up that were empty, and roared: '!! Do not move or we tear this little girl.' Speaking of 'tearing', his grinning mouth float a trace, but also licked his dry lips. They usually do such a thing, no less, once the most pleasure, is a mere fifteen-year-old girl pink pink, full tear of three hours. Finally, the girl's body crumbled into numerous veins are connected by a small blood clot, in this case, the girl actually has struggled for an hour before swallowed air. Source of gas is their body, another head was Du wind under control, Yang zero as lonely in the middle of a string, like meat. No matter how tough Du wind, they absolutely sure before Du wind shot to tear the Young zero. Du cold wind tunnel: 'Come out.' A silhouette quietly stuck half a body from the wind behind Du, Yang precisely zero. Radial mass people looked stunned, no wonder Du wind induction into their hand, the original being assaulted Du wind made out of spare gas. Can create avatar of the ancient martial art, only one kind of concrete images. Figurative skills that need deep roots, for they are already empty elusive. And Du Fenggang was launched, but it is the gas can simulate human skin, bones, organs] [super figurative, they do not say this technique empty witnessed nor heard even listen. Du cold wind tunnel: 'You can tear up.' Haide empty their legs soft, one of 'empty' suddenly exclaimed: '! He was only four-star, we fight him.' This sentence immediately inspired to empty their congregation Ling widowed psychological advantage, brush sound, the countless eye shadow glimpse hard line danced like a big net to Du hood go, if it is hit, Du wind systemic organ will be dig was clean in an instant, with a ready-made into a mummy. Du wind as razor Senleng eyes covering the Pirates magic pass people. 'Pirates of the technology' invisibility, caught only interception of the other infuriating, or lower star struck when ancient weapons. If you useWhen the attack skills virtual reality, extremely clear qigong giants, shocked, when the first gas to remove most arrogant boasters. Di escape station is one of two main central pile, rough about Chixu, two erect, separated by Zhang Xu, considered two Taiji eye chart, prepared by the two sides played against the opposition before the original pick talk purposes, while the remainder pile there Bowl mouth thickness, but was only two inches radius, ranging from flat sharp iron a few inches at the top of the pile of packages. Di escape two sentences of work stations do not suddenly say 'bad', right-sided body, have not seen any action agility, effortlessly, cross right foot of a fall, and cross to the second pile on the left tilt, leaning slightly oblique, still a 'person' Was about to take the field, then looking, he heard someone behind him shouted: 'The youngest, Shen PengAlso about the high friends guiyou it came to games? ' Sound with the people that they came to a brawny. Cao Bao Yu see four brothers are just siege, busy replied:. 'Today, after you master the hole with hard, I was on duty, I met a friend who, according to Shen Di friend said, is from the north, Xinjiang Tianshan hired, right A good mouth slack, then dodge foot well, wanted to be a friend of the underworld, insisted to see the master. due to the applicant's friends repeatedly about the people I have exaggerated fear Master said I fuss. According to the rules of the past and friends, ask him After piling pass-through, go Tongbing, he was afraid, and said not this, the first born, a few hands go up. He had just gone up again, and said no, still not see the master is not. about his theory, You will come. 'Cao Bao Yu are higher than skill, but also reckless person than him, heard and saw Di escape people very gentle, cold smile standing, listening to Cao Bao remark, not angry, they interface said: '? friends, so we rule here, my master outsiders never see the light, I heard you dodge well, the brothers also learn a couple of days of hard and soft martial arts, to the country to ask though, quite landscaped pool hall wins, Yu Fufu his life all out two Xianmei thanks Since they do not drink Pirates of the spring, the resulting energy value of fish and geometry? Su-old benefactor and re-death, then no one even care, if that day made longer as old and sick, and how is it! my husband for medical knowledge sympathetically, just nearby modulating. mother sick, lonely Ling Xian Mei Ting, Works hope to be able to fulfill their filial duties as the most important sections must never arrest of mercy is not looking at the newspaper, to put off time and complex, often refused to leave. Notice already became flesh and blood pro, that my mother sister mother. This can not be said to repay its kind Xianmei also useless. Do Dingzhun, so stupid sister suspense, not only before God and worship it. ' The young girl died because Su Aung, the fate of a dilemma, mother and sick old age, he still has to be a lot of resentment, fear calculation only provisionally most proper home. Pro life is Su Weng, also remark. Helpless mother stubborn temperament, has been the subject of grace, yet to repay; once Yinrenchengshi slightly Xiangtuo family dedicated force it, too is expected to report suspected. Mother that, certainly not allowed. Even staying dependency, it will not for a long time. Suitable sincere affection due to fear of his wife, casually said, was not established. Unexpectedly, Yu's wife already assertive, please go easy knowing that live, and two female sworn sisters, this would have this layer of meaning, including cold. Tsuyuguchi little wind, but not relaxed, immediately Chengxi infiltration, the mother and daughter Jiang hesitate to lay bare the whole mind. The young girl was orphaned young Lucy remembered, mother's wandering rivers and lakes, White Dragon fish clothing,Mother and daughter both have amazing battle skills were not too bullying, but everywhere was despised, no one generous attempts to help the people, with great difficulty found a Yi Xia elderly, and re his death. mean it ...... ' White sneered at him:. 'They say twins almost temperament, there is this bastard brother and sister also had a good go maybe she will fancy How about you, I had to prevent the point ... ... 'Chen Jian wry smile and said: '! Well you see, you think of where to go ......'Zongyi laughed: 'This girl can be assured that the palace Yumei Chuang Shu-athletic, and eyes above the top, head demonstrated Son, this world is probably not that she could see the man!'Yun Tianfeng sneered: 'I do not think so, it's just that she has not met a favorite person only ......'------------- Scholarly sweep school: 21 \\ 006 Chen Jian see more she pulled farther, quickly said:!! 'Well, well, the problem is too boring to talk about it, we are now should ...... 'Zongyi is a change look and said: '!. Yes Yuwen Hwan finger sword city actually was rushed, it is no trivial matter, we still go to see a bustling bar.' a swing and said: 'No we do not join in the fun, and that a few people have the courage to break the sword City, skill certainly not weak, or maybe we do a good helper!.'Before Zongyi startled hesitated and can not connected twitter, buried straight forward, and soon had to turn down a deep slope, step off ten stone steps, came to a stone tower.That was very majestic tall tower construction, wood door painted red, two books on the door Fen Jin pen flying characters - Sword city.Door open, a length of about two feet of stone road, through the door, the door of the palace Gong Li Siu Hung four attendants swordsman.After seeing them, Ji Youde first hesitated and immediately scowled and said: '?? Who do you come to bring you here.'Asked a very impolite words, not only causing Chen Jian wind and sky displeasure, even Zongyi also microstrip wroth authentic: 'Ji housekeeper, you is not rhetorical old lady was standing right beside them two ......?'Ji Youde also seems to feel a little badly, apologetic authentic: 'Father, I do not blame you mean ...... really ......'He found it difficult to explain it,Chen Jian, etc.