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gap among the three realms of heaven and earth aura this is rare, but still slowly into their own magic, quite difficult. But the other side is different, not only the powerful Sword Tu very, very sharp, non-stop between the two can, more importantly, very mysterious carcass Sword, can absorb each other'sAttack for its own purposes, that is to say, the more powerful the opponent's attack, on the other side of the Pang ** offensive force among absorb some of the magic for its own purposes. Although not actually absorb all, but also a means of Guards, did not in the blood beneath Mount Pearl. One last look, the gap between the two sides is widening, not the spirit of a strike, a strike vigorously, no wonder the two face does not look good. 'Daoxiong! Oh!' Treasure Tathagata sighed body is shifted toward Kongxuan shift Kongxuan seeing, had no alternative but to also move closer to Dubbo Tathagata, attached HL industry fire also bigger is not less, the two back to back the moment it is turned into a look, sitting on the lotus, apparently a common defense in front of the Fiends. Jin Choi, the wind that is clearly on the front of this looks like it is like, stature, such as electricity, but it is now armed with the sword of the valiant, very cool. Tu Sword jog again and again, I saw a blood-red light is now out in the void, the sound of the waves roar, it was not about to leave, round after round of blood-red light from the two but several feet away from it, as long as the two little resistance The weak points, Jianguang instantly point between the two defensive vulnerability, hit the two. Although defeated Choi Jin four winds, but his face was no joy. Today, it is nothing but a coincidence beat each other, and basically go all four have such results. But one think, Choi Jin practice wind speed, the crowd is his eyes could not help but be Youse do not know the near future to get probably only saints shot himself to restrain the wind Choi Jin. The thought here, where the immortal also willing to stay here, have old thief secretly sharper strange way I lose confused!! 'In fact, the red sun symbol of martial arts is indeed win him many, that does not count pointing brothers, but also won the slower it. Reymundo supernatural 'Well,' a cry, disdain and Zhen Zi door, but after talking to Don day, but could not help the hearts of a, 'Hey, he also knows how to escape days of rumors?' Squinting his eyes, coldly asked: 'What day escape acoustic, you may have heard me say what the code word it? 'Don know why Xiepai by day in the' day escape acoustic 'This door effort, but from there transferred to the Master Zen pain, but the pain Zen Master also know only the name, not the effort to understand this door, so not only by the day Tang,Pain Zen Master Wu Xuezong golden master craftsman, etc., are not just to hear Meng Shentong Young said code word, but they secretly watch and saw it in battle when Meng Shentong, lips opening and closing, guess he is secretly using 'day escape acoustic' Young pointing to it. After days of Don answer, but he highly intelligent, heart of a dynamic, immediately sneered: 'You just said well, let's not be nobodies in the martial arts, especially if you order generation Zongjiang itself, they continue to beat a lie phrase it? You say what the code word, you know, I know, you know Young, and perhaps others know that you ask yourself whether you have used 'day escape acoustic'? Do I still really want to bother you repeat? 'This It is to spear attack Shield son's son, Meng Shentong guilty conscience, not to pursue it, but see he reached for a shot, untie the red sun symbol of the acupuncture points, doubled his eyes and said: 'You think I was narrow gas, and you care about the outcome of this game? this game though is your wife get people pointing, in the end she is with real effort, dodge, sword, hidden weapon has a considerable heat, or else too though pointing, we can not win, since she hit my Young acupuncture points, which is considered a course she wins, bah, you think like those darn Hu Lai people?