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------- Begin tomorrow strong push to meet friends, will be updated when changing time list, one day a three-shift security at the end, thank you for a long time to come and support the old Scarface instinctively stepped back, they do not understand why this name will only exudes four Ancient Warrior star infuriating feel fear. Instead, not only did not refund fees, his face still showed a trace of slightly excited expression. Scarface scold: 'The charges are not prepared to go it retreated back?.' Fee seemed not to hear, Du wind eyes glanced at the floor of the child corpse, and glanced at the hands still stained with the blood of the fee, Lengran:! 'Very good' That way the eyes seem to penetrate the heart of fees, charges systemic burst of coldInvoluntarily back a few steps. Scarface cunning authentic: 'We have to go outside.' Stature flash has been omitted. Du stared coldly wind trio disappeared, this tactic does not comply with the rule. In the wall studs everywhere, narrow space orphanage, own more than two meters long knives are more susceptible to the terrain. However, in the next three to hell squad infuriating rating occupy distinct advantage in the form of a waiver, but the terrain to your advantage, retreated on the broad plaza. Sichaoqifu heart, but there is no wind at the foot of Du hesitation, with the square outside the orphanage. 'Fear' is the word, never appeared in a dictionary into the wind Du. Went to the square, the wind could not help but frowned DU. Twenty years ago, frequently travel in swirling wind Du gunfire, long accustomed to seeing dead bodies everywhere scene. But now the scene, it is more than a medium-sized brutal war but also a bit on the radius of hundreds of square meters is full of corpses, layer by layer, tied together, like the war in makeshift barricade of sandbags same trenches everywhere. Center in the Square in front of the old man is grinning Du wind around the bloody corpse exudes atmosphere, the continuous influx of the old man's body, shrouded in blue to use of magnetic force elements, yin and yang attraction repulsion to form the ban, non-ordinary means can crack. ' 'Since the magnetic element but Gang Gang evil and evil composed of ice, yin and yang magic that can break break?' Kun Yuan wait fairy king asked. 'When the fairy king ectopic magnetic element and Ice Gang Gang evil evil collide, when the formation of Tai Chi, the magic fairy king also used it?' Idle rain faint. When the fairy king heard Kun-yuan face changed, although he found the disc out of fairy Fuchu magnetic element and Ice Gang Gang evil evil ways, but it can not be riots in the two forces, yin and yang of the potential formation of Tai Chi, and out-kun Yuan wonderland. Although he magic strength, but can not resist the forces of heaven and earth. 'Having said that, this ban can not be broken up?' Zhen Fang said coldly. No, I do not, such as broken, but the reality was broken. 'Busy Road long protracted rain boundless merit golden methodology are broken, can break this ban a natural.' 'Since the word merit busy road long golden rain can break thousands of evil ways, do not have to try if the monk.' Physiognomy Jackson suddenly verbally road. Not only Zhen Fang gold merit alone. 'Nature is good to take.' Idle rain rejoicing, said: 'If the use of merit golden master and live in this break open a gap, I can use, such as the yin and yang magic into it.' Zhen Fang nodded, looking across the Dong Fu that great Taiji ban, Ice Gang evil and magnetic element Gang evil water and milk (actually prohibited fonts, I faint!) Blend, allelopathy, frowned, Ni Wan a move, Now red gourd head, golden, about kung merit size, colorful brilliance shine throughout the seabed, brilliant. This is equal to seeing people, have marveled. All eyes look to turn truth Masters, hands together even saw the truth, Shoumei a move, also shouted and said:. 'Namo Amitabha' Carter, has emerged to see the truth behind a colorful brilliance, about pearls, which is now a relic, relic element of light shining around faint sound body together Sunrex jet out. Under Du wind helpless, with eyes to indicate sister continues. Yang also feel a little strange zero, blushing look to their own underground body, could not help but surprised a moment. Zhao Luan told her three signs: pain, Fallen and other spewing, only one appears, it seems that his failure to declare this action is the first time is not yet complete. No wonder she thought her husband to continue with their own eyes to indicate, then write them again. Du wind desperately with his eyes staring at her hands, waved her hand could only Yang lengleleng zero, implying that he thought was going to lose, hands clutched the DU wind that has sticky underground body, more urgent The Taonong with, while mouth scrambled up. Du Ji Ling wind burst body quickly with eyes staring at her lips, hovering around the eyes, hands, 'shaking his head, so do not get' means. Young zero effort to think for a moment, the wind began to follow Du eyes began to shake his head, tongue in his nakedness sensitive at stop spinning, like Rig general. This action is simply to be the life of the wind Du Yang zero again squatting up, Du wind thighs tightly pegged her complexion, eyes hovering, followed by the death stare at her hands, eyes firm, suggesting that the hand can be, so do not get. Stupid little beauty children also thought a moment, with his legs tightly caught wind Du nakedness, in accordance with the rotation about the direction of his gaze fondle mill. According to Du hands also mean wind, from the selfWu Yunshan laughed: 'They do not lie, you do not believe you can try it yourself!'Moli Sha said: 'Now is not busy, the second hurdle is that we guard, indispensable to ask something!'Xuenv said: 'The second I come from!'Piaoshen progress, who was busy girl hair palm interception, but it takes real effort to insist forcing Xuenv, eleven Zhentui those girls.Yu Shi Yuan took the beat with Xuenv know she practiced outside the door hard power, skill is quite deep, heart quite surprised, because he !' Hu nine demon looked at the sky orange cloud tis hearts really a surprise, knowing now comprehension sector in the clouds Zhen Fang only one person, and have believed that a little moment. 'Young, Miss you go underwater, the Secretary was there too!' Hu nine demon frowned, urged. 'Miss Division Who?' Zhang Zi Ran know where so much, just to let him know that Zhen Fang live off the other end of the monster flood peak moment and shook his head and said:. 'Master's in there, afraid of what our mission is This is the first monster to live off, can catch the better. ' 'Catch?' Hu nine demon hearts surprised, but not know where half a year, Zhen Fang strength rose, has a foot in the anti-imaginary period. 'For ah! Master had a travel thing, just missing a coolie. I think probably it shares hit peak in the head must be evil Jiao, the master said to do it that hard labor.' Zhang Zi Ran proud smiles. 'Song of the Month audacity to small rodents. I look into the swallow you.' Suddenly peak surge, a huge Jiao head out now, I saw there about twenty meters diameter Kau head size, eyes are about the size of the basin, are insidious flashing light, now head of a horn, flashing silver, the whole body covered with dark scales, is indeed a branch of the Dragon, dragon. 'You head snake, do you send me to pull the car to be a master, is already a big blessing. Do you know who my master is? He is one of three master comprehension sector, boundless good fortune reality. 'However, being evil goes purple Jiao called broken its own history, Chun blushed and took the hands of cursed. 'Hey, is that guy posing underwater dragon occupied, hey, he does not come already, to me even he ate. Immeasurable merit, he can eat more than you who is much better.' Ferocious evil Kau said. 'Really? That Pindao'll give you.' Suddenly the sky came a cold voice, evil Jiao looked up in the past, was surprised to find a golden fly over towards you, all of a sudden falls on his body, AberdeenA look fine, but it is a rope, Ambilight, looming in an