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Do not panic, I'll help you!' This is the voice of Lisheng Nan, Gu Zhihua greatly surprised, did not know her, just since I thought: 'This is sound and sound just not right! 'Qin Geng duo in extremely swift sword, since she was suspicious side, only to hear the gold blade chop Feng Zhisheng has come to head. Gu Zhihua flawless thinking, critical in displaying the' big bend oblique Wickers' dodge agility, a narrow waist attached, move out, Qin Geng two pole from her backCut too. Gu Zhihua stature end steady, just looked up, only to hear the call is heard, has been stopped in front of it, and grabbed her hand. Gu Zhihua hearts cried: 'My life have died:' At this time, to find that the shape Bailiang Ji stiff, upright standing in front of it, fingers as Jun, less than three inches from her forehead, then look 'plump plump hand 'rain, Geng pure fell to its left, QD fell to its right, seems suddenly, giving the point of acupuncture mouth Gu Zhihua It surprised no trivial matter, imagine how Bailiang Ji martial arts? Gu Zhihua seen skills, martial arts only on her, not under her. Although aware of scheming Lisheng Nan Gu Zhihua, but this effort acupuncture, but by no means can trick Ya battle, know how to use the vertical count Lisheng Nan plum stylus point, it may not hurt Bailiang Ji won, not to mention the two nor Yongshou Qin Geng, and How in between as well as by her plot. Gu Zhihua stay for a while, shouted: 'Li sister, is that you?' Strangely enough, Lisheng Nan just shouted a small coffee, unloading Shangmo now see coming. Gu Zhihua called her, did not hear her answer. This way more Haiyi, because even with a small needle like plum hidden weapon Punch, also can not see across the wall to see fight over it. dodge better than Gu Zhihua, she can never be in front of elusive. So people who make fun of is it? Is Lisheng Nan, or is it just that noisy Vendetta? Unravel the mystery at the end of Gu Zhihua, strange things happen again. Among the three highest since martial arts, he seems to be their luck in the wipe her tears away and said:. 'You can also do so now.' Yang Ying stopped choking:. 'No, I am not Yang Ying, is heaven Second Princess Tin Ying Liu' Du cold wind tunnel: 'I just know I have to wife, Yang Ying, Liu days of film, and there is no difference.' Yang Ying moonlight sky look upward, and whispered:. 'No, in the shadow of memories of days before Liu did not wake up that simply disregard Juemai suffering, and you want to live happily give birth to a child to a woman, that is, when Yang Ying After Liu Tin Ying memorize wake up, I am not your wife, but the princess of heaven. ' She shook her head and said: 'In the Yang Ying eyes, extradition would be her to a friend and her husband, but Liu Tin Ying eyes, you just robbed, those and you coexistence years, but Liu Tin Ying To initiate this robbery, predesigned next time only. Once upon a human did not believe the story about the robbery, the day shadow only to sacrifice themselves to make these means. ' Du wind is still tightly holding her,Said: 'Liu days Kyi is your sister?' Yang Ying smiled and said: 'I am more than two generations later the princess of heaven, even if it is for my sister, and you are now holding in this body, is my sister, she behaved, you take good care of her.' She struggled for a moment, there is no wind Du release her intention, just lightly: '? She and you certainly can not be the daughter of Yang Cheng-tao, but also how to become your sister.' Yang Ying some sad smile and said: 'I know you're just casually asked questions in tow time, Yang Ying is dead, you pin down what is the use Tin Ying Liu.' Wind suddenly shouted: 'Do not joke who allowed you to go!.' His right hand fingers are barricaded strange shape, struggling to take in the Yang Ying Yang possessed zero forehead, trace infuriating between Quan Zhang did not, regardless of means or plum Nianhua hand, only left only has its shape forms. Young zero slack eyes look again unite, even infuriating contain no trace, Yang Ying failed to smooth soul leave the body of about what to do justice leaves breach of trust? 'His mind was late, already sneer, said: 'Three years ago, at the peak Rooster, you have promised me what?' Jin Shiyi said: 'I promise you, Joe North sea to sea to find the secrets of martial arts, it is not already done it?' Lisheng Nan said: 'Yes, this thing is a piece of it has been done there.?' Jin Shiyi heart startled, Samsam said: 'There is one that helps you take revenge, this, this ---' Lisheng Nan sneered: 'can not do anything Do you remember what you have done this thing, 'Jin Shiyi had said:.'? I thought you had enemies can be reported today, who knows, who knows, or to escape this devil ' said:' The original You also know Meng Shentong has escaped it? help me revenge thing, since you did not do, wanted to pay any attention to me? This is not a breach of trust justice leaves what? You say the words count? 'Jin Shiyi blame her speechless, he promised indeed, in never never leave her to help her before reported in rancor. Jin Shiyi heart sighed, thought: 'So it is bound to take this matter to me, today, this is the best time to help her revenge, timing week withoutTo what time can only do, yeah, she was my life in the magic stars. 'To know the promised aid Lisheng Nan Jin Shiyi revenge, let her speak well personally Shouren enemy, not a simple single-handedly arranged for her. To achieve this goal, there are only two ways, one to help her excel at Joe's North sea Tips extremely martial arts, so she can really beat Meng Shentong skills; the second is to try Meng Shentong loss of skill, then let adopted by the success of his hit today is the second way, but because Liqin Mei, are present, him. do not want to show up and therefore want to ask somebody golden masters, pain and Zen Master, etc., whereas the first loss Meng Shentong skill, who knows Lisheng Nan or reported not revenge. miss this opportunity, Meng Shentong have fled to where I do not know, but that is considered found He, revenge nor easy. Jin Shiyi today authored by Meng Shentong remarkable