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the DU Jin Yi hand wrapping loss, Radial has quietly stolen technology with all her diversion meridians and acupuncture points, Du wind even then Fenjincuogu like practices, nor will he cause too much pain, on the contrary, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to Du Radial wind paralysis, opportunistic counterattack. But there is an important part of the human body, is whatever can not be diversion of diversion tactics. That is in charge of forebrain neural memory and frontal deployment. The only way to quietly 'fold' under this 'leaf' grappling hand, is cast out of the wind DuMountain plum hands. Happen to excel this stunt, to run amok in the Tianshan Mountains near 90 degrees on the ice cliffs Without prejudice to its thin roots, folded down with snow blooming plum, How is the average person can do. Prefrontal been hit, Radial dizzy almost fell, he immediately tried to make myself clear, but the wind had opportunities moving Du, a surge of green data stream into a Radial palm forehead. It was temporarily loaned Du Ji Liu days Zongda wind power - formatting program, the human body can be washed spirit and memory, amnesia people since become an idiot. Liu days to get rid of as long as leather butterfly body Neileidier mental data can be restored natural willow butterfly day as usual. Green data flow all the way down the nerve toward the brain, Radial luck repression, immediately found a horrible thing. Tianshan plum hands on certain parts of the prefrontal cortex to do a tampering, as well as the data stream which shares can not be infuriating repression, straight into the body's central nervous memories go. Du wind stood knife away. Zongda ground forces have begun to play a role, all the information will be stolen magic Radial washed from willow days butterfly body. As he thought about to be finished on the occasion Radial, Radial suddenly jumped up, patted his head. Du wind phrase 'Now what can you steal' is definitely not a bubble, I do not know how to do Radial, and he did steal his