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cut off the bone together. Panic under negative pain, just make wild, they listen to the next immortal spirit snow blew the sound of birds and uncles seat. At this time, the original piece and Jiang brothers fighting female snake, Huangshan previous years because Tao uncles have come here and seen. Both sides, listen to his disciples with the lingo, said: 'To come to Huangshan, watching acts, Xu Tao uncles doors were younger, only frightened distress, fighting to pay attention to signs of the times, not really hurt. 'Female than male cunning snake is also purer, know each other best friends fellow teacher and master, lest afterwards by the responsibility, you see the river brothers hand it can not hurt things, they come without fighting, disc blindly delayed on the ground and refused to launch. Coincided with Jiang brothers also wish reluctant hands. Illegal immigrants waiting to see each other, listen Heming, immediately retreat hidden within the tree , travel time, and call the male snake speed back. ' 'The disciples knew Shishu one that will not allow snakes and people fighting, such as the first receded, Shishu to drive to the next, as they are afraid he will come to the job to escape, no reason to make the snake injured, not gas out, but also a terrifying fall heart unwilling to serve. hear the sound Crane far, that has not been seen here, busy with reminders to attack the snake is still yet to come before self-delusion Shishu slight point advantage. vengeful snake this injury, it is a force to battle his disciples magnanimous, gall some arrogant, listen to the sound of the asymptotic Heming, knowing flight rapidly, dazzling fly, revenge will be very difficult report, more and more desperate, so have the final blow. and other disciples see it Meng Xiong Wei hair, actually kill the next, which look like black brothers obvious to go, immortality will hurt the hearts of shocked, busy tried to stop, and has since not as non-Shishu fly faster, error will be cast, not only Shishu not, Master know this, the