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only the method enforcement or supernatural powers have more than his own and other people, and how no hurry. The so-called underdog win, they did better than this means the difference between the two dust. Not to mention the people who in the space of four hundred thousand beheaded soul of thinking about this is very mighty military spirit, everyone though magic strength, but killing them is very troublesome. And this time was the capital of the north of the Yanshan Mountains, the large white witch from being hunkered down on the futon, and efforts to restore the strength of its own. Suddenly face a move, with a laugh. Upon seeing the side of buildings, quickly asked again. Cold shoulder from the top of a large white witch, ghost of a smile, said:. 'I have to stay that way in a long flat ban was ruined.' 'Congratulations sir, this account as also!' Lined face changed, suddenly overjoyed. 'Oh! You say then say.' White witch look for a move from the big smiles. 'Villain thought that four hundred thousand military spirit adults only so they do not get rid of, is to today's human right way to deal with these. Four hundred thousand is not only the large number of military spirit, and these are the soul of the military all have thousands of years of murderous. Once launched crazy, these guys will die seriously injured, at least a lot of time will be wasted. And with these times, adults can cook a lot of things. 'lined said respectfully. White plays big witch appreciated nodded and said: 'Everybody says I was born witch clan fighting Lord, look at the Wu family, and only then the soil behind the ancestral witch, witch candle jiuyin ancestors, as well as large-Chi Wu, Emperor there The general strategy of some barely considered a person, but to you at this time, although some resourcefulness, but this handsome most fancy or you, not only well qualified, resourcefulness is also very powerful. limitless future accomplishments. You're wrong, although some However,I see a glimmer of the move, you can determine a really admire when you are me, I want to learn this agility, ready for future use it to escape. Well, so you are talking Raozhao Wan son, why do not you just say that I am looking for a fight? 'Meng Shentong really afraid of her twining unclear, simply tone down her straight talk straight and said:' Now that you understand, we'll be there to play a subtraction monk said: 'She is the head of the Tian Shan Tang Xiao aunt column, mother, and then drive a par with Lv Siniang Ying Feng, known as one of the 'Three Woman' in Feng Lin: Thirty years ago, I once gave master messenger to the Great General, who in the home It's a big girl seen side, when she was a seventeen-year-old, now separated by thirty years, she is still an air of askew girlhood year, but it seems like not old, so I was able to recognize . out of her, 'Meng Shentong surprise, said:' She is Feng Lin ah, does she already knew what I imprisoned her daughter P. 'To know Meng Shentong fearless, but it is not without Tianshan Pai? scruples, has in mind: 'I had long heard that kept three Woman' among the highest ability to Lv Siniang, Ying Feng followed, but the weakest Feng Lin, Ying Feng Tang Xiaolan husband and wife are comparable. Up to now I have and Feng Lin, but also can only tie, and if so she invited me to a couple of revenge Tang Xiaolan, this has what to do o. 'Subtraction monk walked inner peace, through:' She certainly can not do anything we have not yet know what her daughter. 'Meng Shentong said:' You Ju's right. If she knew, which is willing to let go like this? Of course, I would not be afraid of her, but I have not yet got to the Shura hidden evil power culmination point, do not want to go against the Tianshan Pai positive 'subtraction monk said:.' It seems that she is just a single person, Tang Xiaolan is the faction head, not easily will leave Tianshan. And Tang Xiaolan couple always solemn. If a couple of them came off not so secretly meeting Feng Lin tease us. 'Meng Shentong Cry a little set, thought for a moment and said:' Yes, Tang yourself go touch-line, and then take you one layer silk wrap, until little by little hungryBright enough, there has been no start! 'Tsering Wu laughed: 'The little brother of the count really very great effort, I though this arrangement is designed to blue Meng, the actual act of revenge he is made.'Yu Shi Yuan once said: 'Miss Tsering, you do not say it nicely, and you do not want to use him!'Blue Meng think also understand, sneer: '!? Tsering you nice calculations, you use magic sound lost his mind, that he came to me and revenge, which means it is not too risky.'Tsering Wu laughed: 'Helping revenge is always a good thing, you take advantage of us to die, the intention is more insidious than me, this so-called tooth for a tooth, fire with fire!'Light Yu said: 'I do not care effort against each other, anyway, my parents hatred must be reported, I did not start when you delirium, nor when you start acupuncture restricted ......'Blue Meng said: 'But you are, after all, under the hand!'Yu Light said: 'Yes, but when I start, absolutely not their intention, they used magic sound control my thoughts when I was careful to resist against their confusion, spent a lot of spirit, otherwise, I knife, enough will you stab right to wear, in order to resist the magic sound, I stayed a little strength left last, only gently stab you, has been considered worthy of you! 'Yu light unsteadily walked out and said: '! Come Well although I have only a little effort, you will not resign and give it a try.'Blue Meng sneered: 'Come on, if not in someone else's ghost meter, and your skill points, did not reach me, the knife's account, I am not in your head!!'Tsering Wu laughed: 'Butterfly old is probably going to count to the head of the brothers.'Blue Meng Chen Sheng said: '! Of course the first one is you, the second is Tu moon, and the third is off Mimi this Vamp, I vowed to stab each of you look.'Miss Tsering deeply a laugh: 'If you do not endure the old butterfly knife, possibly a little hope, now people can not be scared, though bloody Pilian across the sky, cut down, hit the stone over half an inch of the place. 'Boom!' A loud noise, and suddenly the floor smoke, stone ground white powder flying everywhere, a good half the day only to find the original face. The original buildings that look, though not hit rocks, but Daoqi long will crush their strike, where there is a grain finishThe stone tablets, have turned it into ashes by the wind in the past. Lined with pale, but his eyes is the excitement of color, this moment, he felt the power exists, an enormous force Shendao soul from the body flows tiger, issued such a great power. At this moment, he seemed to see that they have stood the pinnacle of humanity, as if to see Zhen Fang prostrate at his feet, as if to see the Secretary of snow nestling in his side, her eyes full of admiration in color. Breeze blowing sky stone debris, a golden straight to the sky, and then straight into the Sky countless golden light, enveloped in a long flat above, Guanghua flow, could not see where the appearance is obviously a big fuss, used to suppress large witch white from lies. I saw the golden flow, Jinyikuangwu, claws breathtaking potential. Great impetus to remain hidden, people are the generation of the strength of high-strength, how to see the dangers. Strong liang elders looked at each other, each other's eyes is full of fears of color. Suddenly I heard a faint voice called out, as if in jiu sounded the same. Although the sound is very light, although separated by a big fuss, but if in his ears. Rao everyone after a big witch Chi and blood to enhance their own cultivation, but is this gentle sigh, an enormous and frightening murderous own weight can not move anything, Lord of the Wu family heritage veins face full of sweat , can not help but kneeling on the ground, lined with only a hint of amber Shendao energy coming in, standing still quite stiff, but also pale, cold sweat dripping, as if coming out of the same from the water. Wei heard of, much so, indeed the generation Xiongshen breath