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proactive absorbed within the aura underwater. Suddenly, a move Ni Wan, flying four beads come in from Hulu Kou. It Zhen Fang from the four beads on a cash cow, do not know what is the origin. I saw at this time to stop at the top of the pool four beads. Zhen Fang visible character asks numerous gas saw beads, as if the same as Ruyan cast pregnant, have beads wrapped around them. Zhen Fang heart of a dynamic, dark thought and said: '? Could it be from the original four beads out not underwater.' Do not know how long, Zhen Fang's eyes firmly fixed on the four beads, beads and saw that the four color from deep fades, and very wonderful trend color, white, and color of the lake exactly the same. Finally, a glow fogs out direct Sky, may reflect the entire underwater are white. Zhen Fang surprise, looked across the sky suspended five milky white beads, and quickly caught the leaders down. Even when you had to get the red gourd, and the scene was not so spectacular. Zhen Fang apparently feel just that light has to break underwater ban on direct air, maybe this time the whole planet knows that there is nothing strange places. Zhen Fang touched four beads, an enormous clump palms incoming Zifu aura among the soul a shudder. Dark thought: 'This is what the baby actually have so much power and influence.' Moment also gave a lot, immediately hunkered pools among the soul suddenly went into a four beads being. Zhen Fang just feel like being in a milky white world, a sudden 'boom' a loud noise, a fellow standing overhead, armed with a two-edged ax hacking constantly. 'Beginning of the world?' Zhen Fang a move, immediately know what this is from the story, but he does not understand is that this has anything to do with the eyes that were treasures. It took quite a while, like a thousand or more years, as a huge body finally fell, it became a situation gasification, the sound of thunder and turned it into the left eye and turned it into the sun, the moon and turned right, into its limbs the East and West of the Quartet, specialty, it could also be complicated by a couple of samples, machine fraud abound, hard to detect. Crossbow a nail that both the Department of poison smelting, particularly vicious, refused to use easily. Brisk agile skill both sides, each short vertical jump height, jump front. Hit the emergency department, I saw two pairs of four groups gray shadow, sandwiched lightning also like swords coldness, windmill-like turn on the stage to roll. See people get confused, hands and feet are too close rack. Micro-Wen Feng touch from time to time pay Weaponry, all less loud, but also did not get under their feet a little breathless. While one side is fighting desperately dumb, concentrate, without a word; side still call each other laugh, happy to take the enemy, like calmly deal with, like the absence ofCompare like something stronger. But no one emerged a little lost with both sides, and eventually be martial arts, equal skill, not like the first two, only hands soon, you can separate the pros and cons of the strength of the two sides, which have a great dodge four full Taiwan dancing, playing a very fancy, with the first two one-trick really depends on the strength of different functions, especially very nice vigorously, Xing party two young and so light, beyond the control of the struggle between the two parties to have cried out good. Dabu Wan you always have what you mean? 'Jiang Ming:' is not anything else, because it is a master knife mouth this morning to send the applicant brought the brothers, indicating just play well, not used. Opened for the first time, I figure highly profitable, unwilling to take a small knife thief offering, intends to borrow his scrap metal, and sent him on a dead end. Who love and little thief twining miles! ' Zhang brothers heard this side of its own gas, Jiang Ming suddenly shouted:! 'Little thief, I do not want to waste time fathers brother, reminders straight finish. I call the impatient! I'll give you flash a loophole, what is your method to make the stop. 'With that in the