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Highness, this ......' said: 'This is what, whether they fraud, I was 'Wang Jinling' nine thousand years, you do better than this Guard command to properly?'Ji Gang said: 'Beizhi dare!'Yanmu Fei said: 'So you're left to guard the Sun too, do not let them Tiaohulishan, take advantage!'Ji Gang body startled, busy: 'Yes, princes, Beizhi Yes, sir!'Yan Mufei Jianwen shallow toward a ceremony, said: 'Your Majesty, please wait in Taihe house, so I went to see what ......'Immediately turn Guro, said: 'Guro, let's go!'Guro promised soon, a Jishou, turned and walked out.Yanmu Fei Ji Gang looked and said: 'command so be careful!' Turned out with.Just listen Ji Gang behind, said: 'You Do not worry, little master, if improperly handled, please only Beizhi is asked.'With listen Jianwen said: '! Granduncle, you be careful.'Yan Mufei promised soon, who has come to the yard.Out of the Taihe Palace, saw the 'nine old' stand another eight saber scattered throughout, Yang Yan Mufei eyebrows, smiling, said: '! Afford nine also expect a'Nine Road: 'palm teach less convinced Yantai Xia will not let go of the donor parent, afraid to open their tune on Taihe Palace Yantai Xia took the opportunity to invade, so the fate of eight brothers Pindao Japanese palace guard.'By Taihe Palace through three doors, two days door all the way to afford to live along the 'Seven Swords', 'thirty-six Plough' and martial masters in public, all located pile Anka, Yan Zhen to paternity.He walked two Ruofei, quickly went to the front shangqinggong, I saw on the square in front shangqinggong, accompanied by shangqinggong hosted one person, it was a lanky middle-aged man, dressed look, really was a big guards, and sharp eyes, faint away people, clearly was a first-class players.Near to, Yan Mufei smile and asked: 'You come to the throne is big guards?'That guards proudly nodded and said: 'Yes, you are ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'Wild Caomin Yanmu Fei.'That guards 'Oh!' Sound and said:. 'It seems that your martial arts known as the most chivalrous Rouchang, dissipated, a large purple hand suddenly shot down, hit land pressure in the body baizhang open space above the front, but I heard a big sound, like thunder hit on the forehead, and the destruction of the planet like a surge of smoke dissipated over the place showing a palm-sized black hole, the black smoke and the sky play. 'The power of the law!' Startled land pressure, when his uncle East Huangtai one, is to rule the chaotic minutes, using the sound of, rule the roost in the three realms, even the saints are careful. Lu also feel pressure to the power of the law, did not think today is the mysterious cloud neutron who has felt the power of the law of land. 'Daoxiong really knowledgeable, Pindao by fellow Red Cloud Shishu attunement, only today's achievement.' Mysterious Grand Master Jishou: 'The dark fellow top pressure, fear of evil comes, then the Emperor Chun, donghuang generation can be considered a hero too, as their last one fellow blood, when unauthorized treasure is. Now amulet became, if at the moment of seclusion fellow Wa Palace, still alive. Otherwise the time is too late to regret. Providence knives, whom should the list, the list who do not. Heaven Catholic, not because you are Yaozu after the Great, not because you have a human Goddess Goddess blessHeaven and earth to escape sanctions. Prince or earlier receded good. ' Lu pressure Heard face became pale, suddenly laughed: When you have people Road 'mysterious all, when you are prehistoric, prehistoric have seen, Lich war, Guaren ask you, when I Fu Huang and East Huangtai an uncle, also is expected to exit the Three Realms Lich when common, and the two will be the meteorite itself, if my uncle had hid Fu Huang and Wa Palace Nvwaniangniang asylum request it? Hey, since they are not Gouqietousheng, land pressure blessing cowardly generation. What's more, but is broken now but Haier Jian Zhen ten only. the overall situation has not been set, Haier is so excited. ' Mysterious Grand Master sighed and said: 'The fellow is but relied nailhead even scrub the toilet, also the internal organs such as Daojiao pain, aggravated the injury. Using the toilet every three consuls, like a crooked face the bitter bitter gourd-like. Luo Feile happens after listening to their injury report, such as flowers, smiles, he sent did not openly shouted, 'I admire the man really extraordinary,' like the words. Goddess becomes anthomaniac, which is three consuls absolutely intolerable. In this 'ambition' of incentives, a month later, a person can finally have activity. Xiong Wei's injury quickest good, he climbs out of bed, the air circling around in the body, formally confirming his body has basically unharmed after two other patients fishes and said: 'I'm going to test the waters of the situation.' Two other patients watched helplessly bear Viagra, Viagra as they may bear no patience, he just can not on the toilet one week, two weeks did not wash, forced to weaken their physical activity to the limit to keep a good injury.Viagra is a responsible person, his first in the city after the turn around asking people, only by elevator descend to the ground, but was secretly doubts. Power reserve is sufficient to use the oasis city of three years, the recent shortage of electricity supply situation is to occur. One to the ground, Wei Xiong immediately understand the real reason for the power shortage. Genius girl Joan - Luo Feile are hands Tuosai sat, quietly staring at was remodeled electromagnetic clutch shot. Turret barn has been transformed into the shape of countless children arm thick as the cable is inserted from all directions in the barn with powerful currents create a magnetic field. Du wind is inside the turret, walk slowly along gossip position. Du wandering wind speed, it is very slow and very slow, it seems to take a great effort to take the step. Xiong Wei is really displeased so obsessed with his own idol, angrily go forth loudly: 'as slow as a turtle ......' Xiong Wei Luo Feile discovered came screaming: '!! Xiong Wei back.' Shouts a step slow, Wei