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day containing chart. 'and then carefully remove the painting map reference details, studied over and over again for a long time, both Ji not see any signs, but also with what is not truth. Jin Shiyi said:. 'It is said Joe North sea who have had the occasional drift to this island Hacker promise under oath, those who are able to come to me and his partner Ji and so it seems, if there is martial arts secrets, it may and his body was all child a place. according to Li speculated that year he was a man all alone on this island, if it dies in the grotto, there is no second person to break his burial, the grotto, snake beast can not possibly come in, Although over 200 years, the least staySome wreckage transcript bone or other possessions, and now this grotto in clean, even a less than Ji bones, his body was buried in here certainly is not a. 'Lipan Gui disappointment, think Ji decades, just have a little clue, but also the remains of machines to bother North sea of ​​Lisheng Nan Ji Joe comforted him and said:.' Although less than Ji martial arts secrets, but Ji to two rare pieces too D_, also finally worthwhile. 'Heaven has been into black in this grotto they spent the night, around midnight, it seems faintly hear the roar of golden shuttle, bear found a dead tiger in a hillside close to home with disabilities, Lisheng Nan laughed : 'So is the golden shuttle out to feed yourself, you with that tigers have brains sucked him clean up. 'Lipan Gui shook his head and said:' Last night's Golden shuttle roar very strange, it seems with some fear that tigers will never make him afraid. 'Again for a moment, in the bushes and found a lion, head intact, neck magic already folded, a glance is a martial arts master was arrested with a heavy way off the island no others, of course, is that they are doing Meng Shentong . of the angrily: 'How dare Meng old thief, dare come here! 'Lisheng Nan finest mind, secretly thought:' afford given that he had discovered where we seclusion? And has been secretly watching, knowing that we heaven and earth, wind Du body to two steps back, and hold the sword was Guang, Tian Gangxing staggered horizon lit up. Guang hissed: 'star has been lit, you kill her useless!' His hand suddenly came an intense pressure, Du wind his sword or mercilessly cut out on Yang Yang Qi zero beautiful neck a blood spring. Before she fell down, the last one looked at Du wind, but infinitely plaintive eyes of infinite happiness. Earthquake Guang body, looking at the horizon lit Tiangang Xing, Tian Gangxing already bright, but why do we have to kill the wind Du Yang zero? Young bodies zero move a little, and then stood up, eyes dazed, did not seem to know what happened. Du wind Moran said: 'Liu zero day, you wake up!' Du wind silent, but pointed to the horizon of the star, just as there are two overlap Tian Gangxing like shining. Yang shadow on the ground suddenly stopped his hand, murmured: 'That's not Tiangang Xing!' Heaven incarnation have all stopped the attack, looking at the sky and more out of the robbery star, issued a cry of fear. Tian Gangxing already sinking more slowly out from the remaining twelve stars robbery but as much out of the star moves out of the original Tian Gangxing. Destiny has changed. Even astrology operation has changed, the original has been quietly back in the forefront of the day astrological stars, let Tian Gangxing fly front. Du Yang Ying wind looked, suddenly reached out a hand and said:. 'Over' Yang Ying's eyes with a gentle look, whispered:. 'Why,' the body was slowly past exam. Du wind a hug her over, whispered in her ear and whispered, eyes constantly glanced Yang Ying Lu Ya, her eyes gradually become strange together, not listening to the wind Du finished, direct hand Du wind kept on holding the nose, hum: 'Well, you!' Xu Yuan were startled, Yang Ying has always been very little wind in front of people and make life difficult for Du, Du Yang Ying wind nor tolerate him in front of everyone and make life difficult, I did not expect this unusually silent wind Du, Yang Ying flashed a shy coy, as if the sound fine mosquito:. 'Elder ...... it can be bad ...... I do not want you to be my elders.' This sounds fine that even the wind can not hear Du, Du wind slight frown:. 'We went out, came two weeks after the coach or drink tea, or give you the corpses.' Du wind into the elevator without saying a word, began rumbling elevator rises, Luo Feile fear authentic: 'Hey, Independence Day, in case she really was hurt how to do.' Elevator has risen to the entrance of the city center, the sun through the hidden entrance to the huge shade trees falling, where dry air is filtered green leaves, extraordinarily warm. Yang Shou Wang Du wind Heaven: 'Luo Feile, You look worried look, it seems that I can safely entrust her to you.' Luo Feile slips jumped up and shouted:. 'I ...... I do not care that she does.' 'Non tube can not, give me ready for a helicopter, I'm going to a distant place?' 'Where?' Du wind did not speak, but rather slowly pulled back the white sword scabbard, tree sutural just leave out the sunlight reflected in the blade mouth, like a golden reflection of sunlight streaming through the line as mapped eyes , intelligent Luo Feile immediately aware of where the abnormal fluctuations of light, hint authentic: 'you're going to improve the third type.' Luo Feile pointed to the distant figure of two said: 'Even if I can help you take care of the little girl, the two men can not also give it to me.' Du Zhang Gui can not afford air looking away two figure, eyes have become quite subtle. Xu and Zhao Tan Luan with out, can not afford to come out and kneel knees. Zhao Luan hard, grinding teeth, blood on her face tattoos into 'FUCK' word has been washed away, Qi ears, short hair, handsome looks, do not see that from the foul mouth Big Sister sturdy look. She whined: 'I would like to ask me something Catholic teacher.' Du wind eyes see aWarm. Did unflinchingly authentic: 'Who told you can blackmail me with knees, kneeling Tan Xu You're doing here.' Xu Tan loudly: 'I want to