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empress face, but that big Western Wuchao Jackson day, if they have to face on a trace of. 'Monkey mouth hint of mysterious smile, sweeping the land pressure Taoist one. Lu pressure hearts surprised, quickly laughed: 'This fighting over the Buddha, I Yaozu power surge, gratifying.' Roc founder hearts behind suddenly move, his eyes hint alarmed. 'Your Highness!' Shouted the number of sound sound far away, I saw clouds rolling, actually covered half the sky, Yaoqi sky, forming a hurricane, an enormous coercion far passed over, Zhong Yao looked and saw above the clouds head, stood a few big demon, his face showing a trace of ecstasy, then hint of anger, but it is staring Kunpeng demon division. Kunpeng face a stiff, wry smile, whispered to land pressure, said:. 'Your Highness, but the White Pond, commercial sheep, Bi Fang, Beastkin King' Lu pressure heard rejoicing, these people are the real Yaozu Story, when prehistoric there Yaozu Story, also was the Emperor Chun and effective donghuang two arms, I did not expect hundreds of millions of years later, still meet in today, have'm over there to participate in these figures, the day is not far away Yaozu flourished. Under the mood surprise, but also understand the meaning Kunpeng moment waved and said:. 'Demon division and assured, but, there was an Highness in this, naturally one would dare move you nothing' demon teacher heard this in mind, though not fond of, but also helpless, but ghost of a smile on his face. 'Roc!' White Pond looked around Blackshirts land pressure, her face became pale, hands flashed to a large, crystal red pen, did not know what, but felt which contains an enormous destruction of the atmosphere, between captivating, Hongmang looming, throughput, directed Kunpeng lies, confusion between the Roc actually retreat are all included. Kun Peng opposite face became pale, but not for several years, not only their own Daoxing big into that old friend is also true, each not simple stuff. '! White Pond, wait a minute' while commercial sheep quickly said:.' Jinda Xia, you promised me, 'Jin Shiyi haha ​​laughed:.' rare you all remember me said before, however, there is little that you did not remember, when you are not Zengzhao Zhang evil track, I was seen as a fellow martial arts to you, only to find that you learn, of course, will not kill you. is protected ? you 'panacea often busy:' Yes, the next time wherever he goes, you old so to speak, or else I would not dare you always blows up. 'Jin Shiyi smile a convergence, coldly:' Now you have to help about abuse, never punish fellow martial arts, heaven tolerate, I happen Kim punish the 'cloud now quickly shouted:'! I did not want to go, all they leisurely benefit me, You must have heard the old ...... you just spare my life, I am willing to make casual family wealth! 'This last sentence was about to call him because Lisheng Nan' hypocrites, 'he said to. Since Liu ten thousand persons have clamored at once, passing the buck on one side, the side swear repentant, but for Kim SeForgive, they withdraw from the martial arts, did not dare to provoke big deal. Jin Shiyi laughed: 'Do not quarrel, and you want me mercy, may I may, based on one thing.' These three individuals as Bong bounties, immediately one voice cried: '! Accordance too, according to obtain the' Golden World Heritage said: 'You said that the common phenomenon big man?' is now way in the cloud: 'is the common phenomenon of Guards command.' Jin Shiyi said: 'Well, there are ready-made pen and ink, each of you gave me to write, suddenly rushing to write ...... Lisheng Nan said: 'Give me write a Tang poem! 'Jin Shiyi startled hesitated Lisheng Nan Mei Mao Yiyang, pass:' You gave me the tube, you can not go wrong with conviction. 'Jin Shiyi along with her a long time, it looks to see her look, she knew fully understand the meaning of their own, but why should he Lisheng Nan Brown for three individuals to write poetry, still did not understand the current path in the cloud:.' What song writing? 'Lisheng Nan thought for a moment as the state, said:'