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there is to escape the soul of you, which may wipe out' 'If this can not be, and how there is a face on the main road around listening.' Yang Rui said loudly. 'Lord went on to kill a man?' Asked Bai Yunfei little worried. 'I'm certainly not a person, but help is not coming?' Zhen Fang laughed, pointing to the distance. I saw dozens of distant falling streamer, quickly fly over, headed by a man, big sleeves fluttering. Under the sun, on the robe to Tai Chi pattern shining golden, silver-haired bearded, ruddy, Glory revealed. Heaven above, Bling rising, with one figure who trained appearance, sell real good, like a fairy Pro Fan, it is a long road Kunlun palm to teach breeze. Shangyou Qing city in its wake, Chunyang, the designation of other small sects, but no traces of Shushan, and after quite a while. There are more than a dozen streamer fleet fell down, led by a man looks refined, sword-toting, elegant chic. And around one person, but it is Ge clothes Mans shoes, silver-white hair, inserted a dead wood hairpin, it overseas comprehension. It is headed by Yuan Kun demon fairy king and trees. Behind it is a fairy Han Chi et al. Everyone fell down together. 'Good luck Daoxiong, really in this.' Long Road slight breeze swept a two Bai Yunfei. Reflected in its golden body revealed, hearts, although frightened face but did not show it. '? Daoxiong, the two who' live cheeky xiyi strange color, surprised and said:. 'Hey, as the soul of the body there is merit cover, strange, strange.' 'Surely I can have these under comprehension sector, only immeasurable meritBu Wei makes you lay day god, evidently, it makes you afraid of fire, afraid of water, not into swords, and even afraid of any magic attack, fool, you're stupid is as stupid does, can I borrow your bad happens raw limbs, encounter bad guys do not know to do it. ' Kat laughed: 'I was also annoyed that I like how stupid.' Cave is not among them, Zhang Shi case, on which stood a small black Debu and a hand ax on the case, and not long foot, it seems hardly home detoxification Scriptures, dare to do evil here! 'sword waved red-faced old man long-sleeved Yifu, sleeve flying a group of colorful smoke, which is the synthesis of the five most valuable poison for about five drug powder, know badly, sword fired, immediately Piaoshen the way, only to hear 'La' is heard, the sleeves of her red-faced old man was slashed, red-faced old man afraid of her sword powerful, temporary room, did not dare move forward to catch up. When subjected to the horrors of the Li family, Lisheng Nan still in her mother womb, then after, her mother tells it all. But her mother only know the main culprits are Meng Shentong, another accomplice said: 'Why do not you just say that his face has been destroyed, you complain that he is now.'Du Jiao step one white face, suddenly nodded and said:? 'I mean is this, how is this my temper, either need to be an intact and grazed her skin a little child will be sick of me, you want to There is such a good appetite, people sent him to your room. 'a twist waist, stood up and walked.-------------------------------------------------- xmwjw scanning, sword small world COR, old rain floor exclusive serialization: Feng Niuer face changed color, stood up and shouted: 'Er Niuer you ......'Six-fingered children busy Zhao said: 'Well, well, Fengniu Er, you are not do not know her temper, since she not, why force her.'Yang Feng Niuer eyebrows, and said: 'You said it, she let you spoiled, you now say a word, let them put people to my room, west side of campus-wide call soon, say you changed his mind, and so your holiday with him in this one point, immediately put people to get past them, to give them a breadwinner is Baozhun. 'Six-fingered children frown Zhao said: 'Fengniu Er, you ......'Fengniu Er said: 'talk about?'Zhao Six-fingered children have no alternative but to head even point authentic: 'Well, well, the boss, the big sister who sent you the room, then to the west campus-wide to go.'That skinny black man surnamed Cui, Christine should be heard, and turned nuclear radiation and mysterious Xian Qi spawned countless bizarre distortion of ancient weapons and super powers, but the ship can use the 'gas' of the ship, the first time they heard. Du wind upward, looking far into the Big Dipper, as if looking at the entrance upon a short-lived twenty years ago. Only he knows the ship's origin. Yang Ying of the year before, 'Nono' pulled the engine blew, coming upon a time things have appeared on Hongqiao. Nuclear power is certainly great, but who also can not guarantee that, if a nuclear explosion could be those damn thing from Once upon eliminate it completely. Now it seems, Xian Qi finally leaked, creating a world that should not appear in this brutal stuff. Purple flash, Independence Day turned into a real cut Shendao appear in Du wind hands hold a knife in his hand trembled, eyebrow hair are moving, looking like a beast ready to go in general. Du Yang looked up at zero wind, she had never seen the wind Du pair of facial expressions. Before she could react, Du wind wrist flick, Independence Day chop Shendao shocked disappear. Du Wind expression resumed askew indifferent look, coldly:. 'I was not old, but still want this worth mentioning scrap metal knife.' Hull issued a similar laugh metal frictionSteel railing on the side of the ship all erected, like countless long eye Arrows stand, straight toward Du wind striking. Du wind Jinzuan of a loose fist, index finger bent and a slight movement. Du wind proudly: 'You point gas window dressing, not my opponent.' Hull completely silent, in the name of what seems Guizhu Yi. Another strong ancient weapons can not withstand so much heavy artillery bombardment, Yang Du zero wind could not help but clenched hand, palm cold sweat. Du wind even not moving, just virtual points with your fingers, look, ghost boat tremble in fear at every point, referring to the location of Du wind, it is the core of the engine where it is located. It felt this cold man's eyes, already see through it to create the illusion of all, Zhitou