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Through nursing Alexander array fleet villa stands above a blood-red figure, hands linked, a Road blood red light from the roof fall from the sky, hit a big fuss in the village guard, uttered a sound creak sound, apparently the other repair staggering high. 'Magic really is human.' Nine fox demon surprised Road. Zhen Fang heard his face changed, and the eyebrows of a move, a milky white light shines throughout Qingliangshan, to find that the number of road Wu Guang coming from the southwest, heart jing, her face became pale, quickly told: 'shoot from the southwest to the number of road Wu Guang, Kongfei human right way. Promise you first snow led the Division with nine demon, and your sister, from the east into the Yangtze River. According to the day we discuss the action. ' 'Master, I am afraid that the human Yaozu come.' Southwest but Yaozu headquarters, but also non-human right way, naturally, only Yaozu up. 'Click' sound big ring, but it is painstakingly placed guard Zhen Fang Zhuang big fuss was broken, poly cloud array also emerged in appearance to the original, although the poly Qingliangshan aura clouds gathered in front of this, but also because there is no Zhuang large array of shelter care, gradually generating a faint mist. 'Surely you're Zhen Fang up?' Zhen Fang frowning looking at the front of the middle-aged man, dressed in red robes, they are not ordinary red, but red blood red, although separated by Zhang Yuan, but clearly audible now is a bloody atmosphere, honest face , but a trace of strange. The eyes, barely visible red light trace of blood flow. 'I do not know where Daoxiong practice?' Zhen Fang frowned. . 'Pindao small ancient thorn western Kunlun Mountains Batu Caves, Gorefiend ancestors of believers, Ding Hui wants to' middle-aged man looking Zhen Fang laughed: 'home teacher because of injury, Getting real merit guise of good fortune, always merciful, therefore special to borrow something to live, but also look real they must refuse! ' 'Could there have wanted Pindao Make relic, hostages, not afraid with come. Suppliers Hao, Ji Xiaofeng, who was among the first, only to encounter providers Hao Feng Lin, Ji Xiaofeng Jin Shiyi suffered, suffered a crushing defeat. Suppliers Hao captured, in Feng Lin Ji Xiaofeng also spent almost the palm. After Ji Xiaofeng escape, not come back, only to be seen in the case of the Valley home, telling the Shishu red sun symbol, only to be hidden from the section Jin Shiyi uniforms. Chek Yang Fu, Fu Li gradually, Ling Xiao son came along, happened to hear Feng Lin, Yi Zhongmou, Gu Zhihua, who voices. Effortlessly, then hopes of finding their lies. Mrs. Han Fuli gradually see that, within the heart jing, only said that he is to report revenge year, in accordance with the current political arena etiquette, donor and asked: 'This island main character to agree?' Fuli getting laughs : 'You have come to discuss a person, why do you put other people's daughters collection together?' Lin Feng shouted: 'fart, Ms. Han his daughter, what with the collection?' Fuli gradually said: 'You are the fart, Who does not know her goddaughter Mr. Meng's daughter could have been better, and now I do not talk to you, and then we wait for the next gestures than] Red Fu Yang said:?! 'my teacher to go! 'Mrs. Han angrily:' You want to take Bangladesh odd to intimidate me? Well, Hugh said to you, that your brother coming personally, I would never let him be taken away my daughter! 'Fuli getting sneered:' Do you have the courage to say so, well, I'll ask you Mr. Xiang Meng face Tell me!Initials, Finals end, prosperous and stature since Jun fingers as with Ms. Han grabbed the first floor! Really is potential if Wang Biao, as fast as lightning! Feng Lin already ready to go, see Fuli getting a shot, immediately waved her long-sleeved, two extreme movements are fast, only to hear the 'pop' sound, Feng Lin resorted to 'iron clouds sleeve 'effort, soft sleeves, suddenly became like an iron rod, precisely shot him in the jaws of death. Fuli getting shouted, stature of a ramp, move out a few could even be soft, really is not from the thing. Gu Zhihua turn a blind eye to be dead, a Qinliang Danjue overhead, like a chunk of ice and slowly press down the same, but Meng Shentong hand has never been touched her. Gu Zhihua could not open my eyes, sharp dish cried: '? You kill it kill, why hesitate,' Meng Shentong real bite gum, palms pressed again an inch, but rather being stiffened holding strong, palm away from her forehead three inch of time, but also by what is not anymore. Just then, his two disciples suddenly came Wu Meng reported: 'Taniguchi found a very strange old monk, he named to your ladyship to meet him.' Meng Shentong taking advantage of the closed palm, said: 'You are not afraid of mouth says, hearts left is afraid, do not have to keep me up. I Zaifayici compassion, just after the names, let you think one day. 'Gu Zhihua cried! 'Why should you want me to suffer torture one day? Tomorrow I will never answer a half-yu change, you will quickly kill it kill me.' But Meng Shentong has been out of the sarcophagus, pretending to not hear her any more. But to hear the 'bang' that Fannie and Freddie have been shut Shimen thick, dark interior. Meng Shentong footsteps gradually went too far, Gu Zhihua vaguely hear him growling voice: '? What man so bold, I'm going to go pick him up,' Meng Shentong trepidation disciples replied: 'We would not dare disturb you old, but it seems a bit strange monk backing, we could not block him. 'If still unknown, just listen ding, ding, ding, Tiezhang touchdown of the sound bite, with Meng Shentong Erli, hear it is still a mile away, but for a moment, then turned to the door like! Meng Shentong a cold heart, and said: 'Yes, reallyA little backing, no wonder you could not block him. 'He went out to see, under the moonlight, I saw a burly monk, gray eyebrows, his face was a trace of red, fall Meng Shentong eyes, a look will be the case learned Xuanmen authentic internal strength, but very foundation . deep master Meng Shentong feel hesitated, heart and said: 'There angry, unstoppable, determined to want all Yaoseng demon Please play together RoadEach magic wand feijian, beaten and killed him, although no flowery Sigu imminent retribution, instant ruin, broken homes and death of people, in the end the old into Tianjin, interesting vision, to see the head like a good trillion. Shichengjihu knowingly, let them go, still want to be careful in mind, the camera and the line, to prepare for something completely leaving a path back of the body. Spot by guests exceptionally veneration, not about himself, even about Cai party magician all together on the front of the main stage please, make up their minds, one for one, game by game, so do not kill gang fights mix full compliance by fine lines, in addition to both parties, not the hands of the enemy is not universally. Kuaixin solid wins glory, if fully defeat, or not see, but also to close the wind, refused to accept as their own to succeed, to discuss other alternative holidays, heavy set time limit where the secondary than fighting again. Such practices, although people lost set, but not involving the net worth, suffered a crushing defeat. Magician here early to eat stabilize, excuse:.. 'Is the owner of the body, can not act according to the rules of the political arena of you Shenseng especially famous live, but can not see a very exposed petty, mean something overexert succeed, nor the glorious victory of the Services shall what it says, avoid the enemy despise joke. Anyway, there is the presence of you Shenseng long cents, Wan victorious truth. out later the more something to say, the more awe-inspiring. 'because flowers Sigu liqueur, good pay should, hospitality etiquette and very generous, all match up to the guests who thoroughly enjoyed themselves. This group is to win over the whole Yaoseng diabolism, who does not listen to her words embarrassed. Cai party fiasco, positive people on stage - not even the public out. Especially Bian Moye, not only has a deep internal and external power attainments, Tianjin dry wells also