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murderous world knows now rising, several major forces imminent, where there is a paradise, but still want to stay away from wrong, to hide a quiet, even if I do not find you and so on, they do not find you? I do not know really a day. ' Xiyi long side of the road suddenly out of words:. 'Although today there are Buddhist monastic points, there is Turkey overseas points, but in any case, is a pulse I waited Divine comprehension comprehension of the people, although it is not like the gods in general, North Korea to the North Sea, to cangwu twilight, but not poor where to go. Kun-yuan had in Wonderland, the Pindao had the good fortune to hear a real word, is very rational. I wait for comprehension of the people, should not be used to distinguish between good and evil Instead, on the good and the evil man. Just that an ominous air, although you can not return evil ways, but it can also be regarded as evil way. I wait for comprehension of the people, they should be upper body day heart, help the good and evil forces, such It is evil and so when I need to. At this point they do not endanger the wicked laity, but there is no guarantee how the future. What's more, ifDing cited for their knowledge, working hand in glove together, I am afraid it is not just the loss of Divine comprehension of bounds. ' Breeze heard nodded, xiyi live in words good! Will not only be attributed to just fierce air forces, will be hit severely argument spirit days and other people, you do not overseas comprehension? It was only just a different distribution of space, but in the eyes of comprehension, the world is only so big, no matter where you are, really looking up, did not charge any time, but only two or three days, you are hiding abroad been trying to revive, even if we are willing, others probably will not be willing to. Of course, which is probably also includes Zhen Fang of the theory of good and evil. That said, although the origin of good and evil far, but it is in the hands of Shushan flourish, whether these guys have not are heard. His face look a trace of embarrassment, but quickly nodded and said: 'Today there is a labor junior sister apprentice.' Dragon nodded. All of a sudden a golden flash, big Account of Dragon figure disappeared. 'Brother!' Bloomer look for a move, pending blocked. Wide as the child shook his head, sighed Xuan Du ** Teacher:. 'She is the Red Cloud Shishu door, the whole world of things at stake, how can delay Dragon junior sister apprentice six decades here, even if she could delay, lest we Here dragged six decades, also made a wasted effort, 'wide as the child sneered:.'.. Brother, I am afraid she is to have the time and can not stay here now or in the alliance among the two began calculating the mutual . in the future will not cry Hansha ah, the twelve Earthly Branches big fuss, it is impossible to leave the auspices of the Dragon, she can not wait to give all I waited killed in this. I waited so experienced hands in the future. ' 'Young, Hugh was lying.' Xuan Du ** out of a Purple teachers face, not a trace soon disappear, if it is a serious look at it,Simply can not be perceived to. Obviously Xuan Du ** division on wide as the child's angry words, the other side to face the white cloud of neutrons. Also a trace of flushing, but also a deep sigh. Taiyizhenren see clearly, sighed: the possibility of 'Brother, come Shanhaiguan traveled Dragon junior sister apprentice, enough to show that the mind regards Shishu Earthly big fuss, in fact, is probably also want to stay Dragon junior sister apprentice comparison large, but it is an important cause of the four seas. I am so lost Shanhaiguan, there are numerous risks can stick off, but once Zhao Song Dajun stop at Tongtianhe side. I'm afraid I waited even hold the Shanhaiguan is fruitless. As a matter of future . You do not have to worry about me, naturally teacher teacher plans. Moreover. junior sister apprentice is not unreasonable to say. I like as a saint subglottic disciples, tens of thousands of years of practice, but now not as a younger, got out Reiki come. 'My brother, we both go one.' This is a sit Zhao Han landlords, but fortunately she is to stay young seminarians also fills weekdays monasticism is in fits and starts, but also because of this, she fell and Division Snow became intimate, but also whether Zhen Fang is her master, and the Secretary of snow is the fact Zhen Fang girlfriend. Laughing all day. Student Council Secretary snow today just something she was bored sitting on the futon, Zhen Fang listen to the words, know someone to visit, naturally amazed. Zao let out to meet people, apparently is not ordinary man. Human comprehension sector, Zhao Han to experience Zhen Fang now, but only one person has the opportunity to see another day, so naturally this lively Zhao Han, and quickly pulled together Zao ran out, as if still the same enthusiastic than Zao . 'Ah! Oh, pretty good!' Brother and sister opened the gate, looking at the front of the guests, I saw mountains if eyebrow, nose like Qiong Yao, a trace of water hyacinth in the crystal, Mei without demon, Johnson not brilliant, like the end of the fairy general. Zhao Han suddenly shouted. Even Zao also reddish face, eyes hint of hot, but soon calmed down. 'Oh! Also, please report it two real good fortune, nine demon fox Fox family asked to see the real good fortune.' Come Xiaohe said. 'You are the fox?' Zhao Han shocked, shocked, pointing to nine demon fox. 'No nonsense.' Zao more extensive experience in the end, Zhao Han Wenting words, surprise, quickly Jishou said: 'The young girl was young, but please forgive me Bong seniors division of family life, please see the older a quiet room..' Fox has long been accustomed to see nine demon surprise appearance of others, not to mention cute petite Zhao Han, to see that the effortIgnorance of the people, like all too late, where dare to blame. Jishou quickly said:. 'Luck unrivaled real merit, where nine demon dare Daoxiong same generation do not have to live the good fortune ceremony.' Zao although superior qualifications, but after all,