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issued a series of chest cracked beneath his feet. After Tan thread behind endured glorious rain hit, beaten almost can not even breathe, and she promised far activities, he continuously pulled the trigger several times, already depleted armed vindictive, gun simply did not fired a bullet, simply direct the butt to go Du wind hit his face. Bang, even his last golden gun weapon also Du wind hit his face cracked, Xu Yuan is thoroughly spent force. Du wind indifference: 'You lose.' They all gas consumed, followed by the competition away from home only hard work and close combat skills, no one is far from the long term promise. Xu Yuan's face and made cruel smile and said: 'Really?' Splinter golden gun suddenly disappeared Xu poured away the body, which is the gold gun impressively into the armed grudge. In an instant armed grudge into the body, Du wind nose to smell a pungent smell of gunpowder, while Xu clasp hands away from the strange body changes, a time like hot lava-like, one time and as the polar XuanbingCold. This is a sign of refining, was desperate Xu Du wind pushed away his refinery became a bomb. Du wind did not let go to avoid, but Chen Sheng said: '? Where is the shadow.' Xu Yuan a mouth, exhales a hot temperature gas sneered:. 'Worry, even if I die, as long as you buried, someone will revive her.' Du wind indifference and said: 'Do you really believe Once upon human promises?' Xu Yuan passing a trace of sadness in the eyes and said: 'Have faith Independence Day, your strength, and you still can not stop me die, want to jump on Down Once upon a time!?' Du wind shouted: 'Who gave you die I wake up!!' His wrist flick, the effect starts countercurrent North offerings, all of the body away from the promise looted by armed grudge full restitution to Xu Yuan body simultaneously, and some strange things are introduced to Xu Yuan's body. Xu Yuan body shiver, my mind appeared out wonderful formulas and eight characters. Back from the dead. Butterfly! opened Xu Yuan in hand, seems to have been only boy learning martial arts battles? This young trio the furniture, you see the scene nor the enemy, obviously you undoubtedly evil trouble. Niexu root of evil is not the net, this female snake is even worse. I fly away empty from view your teacher, this is not intended to sleep, even at threeMiles away, look man, save a snake leaps up, higher than the top of the temple wall, that person is a minor children. Take your mentoring temple, never have come to this intrusion of outsiders and you do not come forward to mentoring, have made this snake and battles of the reason people have suspected the temple is not your teacher, your life as a snake with people downtown. At the same time, I stand under the spirit of fairy birds seen snow since high woo forbidden. Surprisingly, Yao She boldly dare not listen, like someone dictates air. I came busy, it really is haunted you. Yao Yi is a battle you want to decide, I know not, want to ride before I came to shop Xiong Wei, the man killed, another plea from you to me, ornaments speech Dodge, boast a Xiongdu of nature, still free to death, therefore he kept clear of snow forbidden to listen to the Spirit, who is still to pounce. I like to have a later step, or a little negligent, this boy hand a Sword, although it is difficult to paste poison kiss, that long tail down the body, even dodge good, not beaten two seriously injured when the inevitable, good a clever pure deep Gengu this crippled children. Your teacher know what to accommodate you! Yao She is so abhorrent that it has been guilty of treasure public vow Third, it is not absolutely tolerance! ' Donnie see nuns xingmou eagle, Xuan eyebrows lift, getting there is anger, love to know is not good, busy kowtowing to his knees and said: 'The disciples could not see the dog owner felt, already home to tell him that keep the snake temple, and said so rude words, and indeed angry at him, however, intends to make him taste the taste, then down, he said, make on behalf of the two snakes remove before moving hands. In this