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' powder Musical 'Xiaodan Hong, is how the kind of person? ' said: 'His older than me, among the four of them, only smaller than Zhuge strategy, math and now there are more than fifty afraid he called 'powder Musical', from the words you can know. He do not have flour, quite handsome, very free and easy, but also suave, just powder gas strong verbal behavior a bit like a woman. 'Azurite like a deflated balloon, and shook his head, and said: 'That's ...... this is not him!'Yanmu Fei said: 'how?'Azurite said: 'Sanshanjie house 'Spring School' s owner, was more than 30-year-oldMiddle-aged, but also ...... 'Wei Han Ying said: 'Then how can you say he was suspicious?'Azurite and said: 'That is because he does not show up for many years, and no one knows who he is, where to live, only the steward of his house occasionally to go to a hospital twice Spring ......'Han Wei Ying instant look said:. 'This man of mystery'Yanmu Fei said: 'Middle-aged, Xiaodan Hong looks at is not old.'Wei Han Ying Huo transfer note azurite, said: 'Do you know where he lives children?'Azurite nodded and said: 'I know, is just asking out he lived in the courtyard behind the spring, the big courtyard, and very impressive..'Han Wei Ying also look said: '? Mu fly, which should not to go.'Yanmu Fei said: 'wish to see.'Dan Qingli that said: 'I lead the way, two please come with me.' Dealings road turned to go.Three people one after the other, in the crowd that to move forward, lead the way to the foot of the fast, followed behind not slow, not a moment went to Sanshanjie.Standing blocks, azurite biggest and brightest two fan while the rich one finger to the door first street lights, said:. 'Two-bit Look, that is Spring School'No, he said, the three characters, write clearly lamp.He added: 'two way, please.'He did not walk into the street, turned sideways away.Turned a corner into another street, this street is relatively quiet, although also in this area, but because this street is home, so too few pedestrians.Pedestrians a little more quiet not speak, but she stared door, two tears, Jiao Yeshang expression, has revealed a lot, a lot.-------------------------------------------------- a trillion OCR old rain joint House and Xiaoxiang College serial: Lift copper bird Taiwan, not much to talk about, who read the 'Three Kingdoms' who did not know it should be copper bird table.Zhuge Liang Wu had to go across the river, in addition to his 'group of words Confucianism', is to build a copper bird Caomeng De desk to receive two Joe Koto things, Shuro shock was furious, consequent only joint Cao Shu Wu, Consequent only Chibi Bing, killing eight hundred thousand troops Diukuiqijia A hiding, fled lookout along the way paranoia, panic.Copper bird station, originally built linzhang three, after saying 'the ice well,' said the former 'Golden Phoenix', the saying 'copper bird', an area of ​​five hundred and forty acres of Quanta.Press 'linzhang' contains: Jian fifteen years, Cao Cao Ye City in the Northwest as copper bird Taiwan, fifty seven feet high, there are hundreds of inter-church windows are copper dragon, sun shining. Plus copper bird, five feet high, Shu , 'Kim Taiwan' built in copper bird Tainan, Jian eighteen years, high Hachijo with nine hundred houses, in Britain, this called 'The Golden Tiger ' After tigers avoid taboo, to Phoenix.'Ice spring and' Nineteen years to build in copper bird Taipei, Ken, haveRoom, twenty years before the ice and high Zhangba with one hundred and forty houses, depth of fifteen feet, hidden ice and graphite, the book, the flame Nanjin, too, said the Carboniferous.This is the 'Lin Zhang Chi,' saying, 'Wei' on said: 'Three pavilions linked to the central hanging rope, Weiwu deathbed testament Shi spike on account toward Asr Husband blowing song so hope its mausoleum burial place and so on. 'This being the day of Cao Cao, Zheng Shu cutting Wu, Xun Gong prominent when he worked in the copper bird singing on stage: 'wine and song, life geometry such as the morning dew, Goes to generous as generous, Concerned memorable?! ! Rover break combination construct a new off-road jeep. Although compared to Yang Cheng-tao baby Jeep, this motley crew stand far enough copies, Du wind barely accepted. Fat woman disguised as a fake driver's seat Shanxiao Zhao said:. 'I personally send you out of the city.' False Ke Leizha easily open sound, a melodious 'Titanic' theme'Yesterdayoncemore' pass out, singing all the way to waft in the old city building. Liu fat seem to find anything, after the cunning rolled his eyes, suddenly said:. 'Think the mayor is a very nostalgic person.' Fake Ke Leizha lost smiles: 'For the city I was very emotional, but also hope you do not destroy it.' Liu fat no longer speak, made a motion sickness, vomit Shuangshoubaotou posture, Yang zero screamed:. 'What do you want, do not spit on me, me and you change the location' Liu Yang zero fat and can not wait to swap the position, sit by the window, open the window desperately gasping sound of the car as well as some music drifted outside the window. Seems to be the cold wind outside the car in, fake winced and said:. 'Cold' Ke Leizha just felt fake body chills, DU wind the other hand has been strangling his neck, his whole body so cold goose bumps emerge. Du wind indifference and said: 'Who are you?' False violently burst into high shouted: '! You all go to hell.' Sharpness of this soon to make the car outside the desert cactus are 'wave' sound Duanzhe. At the same time shouting, Ke Leizha body like fermented dough as quickly swelled, filled the entire driving position, has become a face like a soak in the water for three days and three nights of dead pigs swollen face . Between the moment, the mayor becomes a hell of a middle-aged fat woman squad. Cold hands quickly by fat woman in the back, it was Du wind crack open the monument stone monument open hand []. Du wind suddenly felt his hand like pressing on a giant eraser, slamming bass, fat woman crashed through the front window by Fan Zhen fly out, rolling on the ground after a two-roll, get up and stare at