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skull broken out, is very correct methods of combat. This little girl's talent, high beyond hisMore than ready to work, I enlisted Kangsi Han be trained, but also a part of the preparation work, and she is in line with action and Xuenv itself no danger, we are lacking is a genius such as brother, so my boy of years, God is going to help us succeed! ' laughed: 'You have not seen Xuenv, appearance of her beauty, a hundred times stronger than me, before she met Tibetans are afraid to look up to her as a fairy on a snowy, more saw two, people will lose the soul, become dementia ...... 'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'I do not believe the world there are more beautiful than your woman!'Tianchi Venerable laughed: 'Beautiful and different Xuenv a class, and after you see will know, but not that exaggerated Kangsi Han said, Xuenv the home of peak head, there are more than twenty snowman standing there, they are seen Xuenv looks after, into dementia, for the stiff snow closure, for decades, just as it stood, not immortality, but it can never be restored sanity it! 'Green shadow cried: '? Xuenv age for decades is not very big?' said: 'little seems to have younger than me!'Tianchi Venerable laughed: 'It looks younger than she, in fact, only much younger than me, Tantric people, morphology and age are two things that we do not have the habit to guess from the appearance of age, and there is no asked the age of habit, because we are only students, moral, and Perishable three stages, there is no difference between old and young! 'Yuwen Qiong Yao smiled and said: 'His Holiness with two of your door, there is the difference between the old and the young!'Tianchi Venerable laughed: 'That is your opinion, in our eyes, it's just when the only form of enlightenment, my pay physiognomy has been ten years, and they will not change, I do not the two disciples to death grow, Tantric Heart portal differences, only Totale end is the same thing, I got to a certain stage, after suddenly through, they always keep the physiognomy, always mindful