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day we advanced the wall go.' When the trio has been down to the city center at the ground, and went to the airport wicket before a similar device, Luo Feile suddenly fierce authentic: 'I declare it, to get in here are our own people, if anyone harbor grind it, hum hum. ' She coldly pointing to the front and said: 'There is a central laboratory, here, but the polygraph, who lie if detected, will be wiped out in order to test the laser hit to see if you really have qualified for one of us, me. You have to test it! Fei, I ask you, you are Yang Ying's apprentice, right? ' Charges pretty scary: 'Yes ......' 'So I ask you, Yang Ying measurements is how much?' 'Ah ...... ...... ...... do not know this.' 'Bang' sound turned across to a robotic arm, the fee fiercely wrestled on the ground. Luo Feile leaned continue to ask: '? Have you ever belong to hell squad, although not part of Lee Han municipality, but also that his understanding was it.' Fees are manipulators by sweating, struggling authentic: 'Yes ...... is ......' 'So tell me, Lee Han ......' Luo Feile deliberately paused, thinking that the fee will not ask me how much Lee Han measurements are right, I did not expect Luo Feile really ask out of a similar question: 'Lee Han Lu Ya beside a woman who called, measurements and how much, is not a virgin? ' Fee speechless, and a robotic arm to fly over, fiercely hold down the costs of the thigh. Du faint wind tunnel: 'Luo Feile What sort of test, you're in the mischief.' Luo Feile cute little spit spit tongue, sly smile and said: 'Just the first round, then the second round now.' Her face is getting serious again, leaning over looking face charges and said: 'Yang Ying is your master, if you kill Yang Ying Du require wind, then how would you do?' Du wind do not see Luo Feile that exposed 'VERYGOOD' expression of satisfaction to know that charges have been through. The so-called 'wise' person would consider the possibility of all minimal, and there areA class of people never consider they thought longevity collected beads incarnation, emerged original appearance, Motoko Jishou road toward town. 'Longevity, though at the moment you have to understand the old identity, but today is today, the name of the kings of the East no longer exists. You can know.' Motoko town sighed. 'East Duke lived and, but the former is going to be a causal settled.' LongHealth faint. 'Yes, indeed Pindao disciples.' Voices reciting, fleet air Guanghua flash, fleet Zhen Fang Ta come, smiled and said: 'very good brother came, so younger brother also went to the ground with your Fuchu . ' 'Well, I'm afraid you do not feel at home disciple married matchmaker it! I do not come today, you have to be Fuchu Pindao pull over. So, Pindao not as honest a little rushed over.' Said town Motoko cold haha. And Zhen Fang is awkward smile, move over longevity, will stick in the hands of hibiscus handed over, said: 'You Past East Princes, for Fuso Great, Zhigang Tai, but the world at the beginning of the trace Yang open gas generation, thanks to you today as a teacher and then stick Fuso also be returned to their owners. 'longevity not neglect, quickly hand took over. While the rest of the disciples some ideas in mind, but more worried Zhen Fang hands of no other weapon, how can the future enemy. Even the town Motoko is also frowned. Zhen Fang did not understand how the immortal mind, his brow wrinkled, and said: 'magic is good, but the most important thing is self-cultivation, self-repair is not high, that there is another powerful magic is useless things Excessive reliance magic, but in reducing its Daoxing, so he would never miss the road. Road to Jane, where the need for so much magic. when the beginning of the world, by virtue of an ax, but is it, then, Hong Meng Among generated countless magic, but only that the Great God Pan Gu chose Pangu ax, so that is the best for their own. Although not yet certified Pindao supreme Road fruit, but these treasures are now redundant. The truth, after studying Haier Avenue, naturally understand into the palace to, disturb the emperor, But then the consequences could be disastrous, so he has not relax Jin Shiyi attention. Seeing Simon grabbed Jin Shiyi can Makino, vision is sometimes natural maple breeze, Jin Shiyi sideways flash, no out of the way, Kou Fang Gao grabbed his elbow, finger tightly clasp his 'Quchi' Chen Sheng shouted. . 'Gan coach, you want to break into the inside do?' Jin Shiyi heart: '! This Kou Fang Gao as Ouchi Explorer, skill fruit is extraordinary,' Kou Fang Gao touched his body, his birth Body magic immediately reacted, Kou Gao Danjue force an internal force fanzhen over tentacle place, soft boneless. 'Quchi' but one of the nine Maxue personal, one is the point, the body will have to immediately hemp soft, unable to move, Kou Fang Gao is fastened with a diamond refers to the power of song Crypt Jin Shiyi, thinking foolproof, Unexpectedly, a finger touch, such as touch grease, and immediately slid open, and to his Body magic Zhentui steps, shocked. Zhentui Kou Fang Gao Jin Shiyi, followed immediately backhand Yifu, only to hear, 'Oh' sound, a figure suddenly volley, this man's effort is also exceedingly amazing one hand and a lattice beam, dangling in mid-air go, like playing Hua pulling in general. It turned out that man is God Meng Shentong disciples --- Discovery Ji Xiaofeng, in this chaotic scene, he could not help thieves big hair, tough feeling really ambitious, moments like these machines, fish in troubled waters, to steal some things to boast as a souvenir, he A shot to the common phenomenon of the bag to touch the blank documents two Guards, one that has a command of the official seal on top of the lid, fill in the name of free, travel by faith as a Guards officer or commissioned for use as an instrument of Bong a. ) And then again while Kou Fang Gao Jin Shiyi wrestle with the occasion of being strong, stolen jade snuff bottle Kou force Gao, Jin Shiyi going touching the inner bag, a note was Jin Shiyi 'whisk cloud hands' will he throw up. Jin Shiyi this in mind hand whisk