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Huizong treasure. Do not know where to get the. With Hain's words are borrowed from around the world. Of course, this 'borrow' the word of knowledge greatly doubtful. Hein was driving son of Rod heard immediately shut his mouth, even if a woman no matter how beautiful countries, I am afraid it can not compare with the mysterious kingdom of women, gentle water, beautiful, noble, elegant, but of God's most perfect creation. 'Really worthy of the world's largest museum.' Zhen Fang looked at the tall pillars, could not help but praise. Eastern and Western architectural buildings, although different, each has its own characteristics, to seeing the Oriental architecture, look westConstruction, down but good feeling. 'Master if like, day you can also build a building exactly the same on the Divine.' Hain car again show the faithful. . 'I do not have the people, or used to live in the East building, but occasionally come here again.' Zhen Fang shook his head and said: 'Although the solemn pillars, but where can I compared my court building that is culture. gaps. 'Hain side nodded, though he did not dare to go, but on television and the Internet to see a lot of the court building. 'Hey! It appears you can not go in.' Zhen Fang frowned, feel the touch of holy atmosphere inside the museum, was there a trace of discomfort, as if from the depths of the soul of an emission beholder. Murder thought the man had several Holy Knights produced, but because the other export rude actions, but this time their own good mood, or have this reaction, it would have to be suspect. 'Master, do you want to go?' This time Hain also felt a glimmer of murderous Zhen Fang, quickly asked. 'Ah, you do not go.' Zhen Fang opened the door himself, tightened windbreaker, not that he was cold, but would like to take action to hide their eyes of the beholder. 'Hey! Divine Dragon Gas!' Zhen Fang had just walked into the hall, majestic and magnificent atmosphere trace and to the airport, Zhen Fang has recognized that in order to pursue their own bearers, stepped forward. Zhang clan known to be the owner, grab greeting, voted Mingtie. Will meet a host and guest, the old man spoke first and said:. 'Decrepit He Yi, Jiake afar coincided married children, no time to spare no far more than the United States welcome Mountain essays, Jane never too slow, go to the inside first with a cup of watery liquor, Zheng Chen slightly washed long. ' Turn out the mountain-side, dozens of lights Shadeng emerged a subsidized homes, piano books in the wall, furnished no more, do not Raoqing Li's cause. Tung Tau a marble carved rosewood round table, surrounded by five red sandalwood stool, table set with five , are very good porcelain Ya-chun. In addition to two children for servitude Tsing Yi, there is no off him. He Yi invite three people seated at random. A child playing in the hands, rinse the cup on the end, a foot outdoor Tongbian to peak on the stove ears will get to the front rank of copper hanging down. Yao people saw that the copper shaped like a belly hanging Shek Kwu, both sides have Zhuanwen bicyclic no mouth, covered with water test ventilation living eye, known to be very particular about the use of impermeable cooking method, known master of Tianjin dry this road, over Bin Ritual treatment, since busy thanks. He Yi expert to see him, the more happy, hand micro pendulum. Tongbian go before tea room corner shelves, take the form of a quaint purple sand pot, down the steps, ran headlong. Another Tongbian copper hanging water cover up a mention, followed by a sand pot readily sky. Xinmin sit away from the door closer, saw that the sand pot also customize things, made a square root with jade handle, just boil water when lifting the lid can be embedded in a copper bottom groove withinIn order to avoid hot, cover, yellow jade handle also wish the system. Little unsettled carrying water into the house, with the short side of the door a few pieces of Yixing Uehara put the lid open, three from two down, pour down, the lid cover, take over a tea tray, put five out