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to come clean, unfinished but advised people Jiliuyongtui Yao, otherwise the enemy inside and outside toward the right to seek the minister of sin, Currently little humanity long, sooner or later dumping trap design, and finally inevitably suffer. Letter thousand words long, Phi Chen interest, is very full and clear handwriting signature, is that different people claiming human mud, three really vicious conspiracy see each other, and keep him there are many martial Feiyanzoubi, how should eat his loss. Yao Min-year government sentiment originally indifferent, complex by Yoshio, Xinmin urged resolved, clean body-wide footer retire, resign Hermitage, just do not want to hurt Huang Ying Qu and Changle County Shuli two disciples. Three night cooked providers, by Yoshio come up with plan, Beijing ordered RBI side, the side of the Min, chief summoned counties, grant dollars to close deal with enemies, and said: 'I have returned early service then, the skin does not exist, the hair stand? 'Quanling has Gaobing being the first to retire in order to avoid harm. A duo, but also the fear of harm, both are acting conduct itself. Each spent countless effort, barely suffered a few months. Different people relied on the police, the letter is still fast, actually grab the header. Yao people kept a wary kin never retreat, when the memorial mansion did not send back, quietly family first, followed by the departure of books luggage. Such as the arrival of the new account already run phase syndrome, calmly through, as though illness thank-you, but in reality the second day he sent two people temporarily keep home availability, then walk, and two curtain in self Companion, effective family Zhang, pomp, incognito night lines, leaving Fuzhou, the provincial capital, to Yongkang marching home. Three walk along the road, just say something machine carefully, never As perceived enemies. Surprisingly, the delay villain Fu Min quite alert. Initially assassinate former juxtaposition of extreme anger Fu Min, and see who has to resign, the severance. He rarely listen to the words of Mr. Zhao city, for fear head leaked, but suspicion Biaohang ask for help, out in force. His side room has unusual ignorant women, so things smoothly, not hurt a person. Today Walled house burnt, the mother of one already on the road, via Jiangsu relatives went. 'Gan with Heard, teeth Weicuo, replied:' So good, too. Intersects with his brothers in a decrepit, Cunxin not into, be decrepit find Ann mouth coffin burial, the corpse of ossification from miserable eliminate it. 'When he finished, a ring bowed toward the crowd, said' see you later 'in one hand and leaning on Iraq Business neck, hand and hold up the corpse fly Shanpi place step toward the door. Heimo Le laughed: 'I Shishu really say you are a good friend of the three gentleman does, but I can promise that he would like to promise the elderly eccentric, reluctantly, he does not come, I set the words to hear Yu home garden. well, maybe in the future I have to find a play to play with, 'Yao Min said:.' Buddy light down, could not be better, 'Francis Chin and want to see above all the chivalrous side, helpless Heimo Le urging speed line. thanks only full length, but fortunately everything is already ready, gave the order to go, as soon start line. Hei Mole looked straight from the body, had passed since last goodbye. Yao people do not accept the others insisted, would rather do after each set. Single-gone days, the line arrived on the Yang Shu Town, Yongkang separated by only two hundred years. Yao Min calculations almost home, this went along the mountains, people Fan Shu, the town has gone through a set, but also no lack of accommodation place, which is outside their own in a long time, they do not want to expose Kozo. Road name as renomination, Hugh said counties away near closeMany, everywhere flatter, then those villagers heard Yongkang Yu family, it is satisfied that all the extension of the reason. See the sky but nearly dusk, eager return home, intending to catch two more away. Yoshio, Zheng Chen Xinmin body instantly burst strong infuriating the clothes were drying. Jiugongge the monster moved across from her, the monster Li Xiao cry, raised Juzhua landward Ya chain. And a full height of a building monster compared petite Lu Ya, like an ant under their feet generally small building. 'Rub'Sound Qing Xiang chest came from monster, monster lap action gradually slow down, then completely stagnant living, sky fell to the ground. There is a tiny corpse chest rose as pit pattern, but you can imagine, in [ broken dome - under the stars change] Anjin action, monster organs must have been destroyed was like seven earthquake looting in general. The second affected, is the world's monks squad. After being separated squares, facing Independence Day Du monks just wind him howling sound, huge golden shine wears Skanda cover your whole body, Skanda into the side walls protect the lives of their own gold, six-star infuriating became an impregnable fortress to build a solid, even if the wind is fierce Du Daoqi, 1:30 will not be cut. However, before his impregnable fortress constructed, Du Feng has mouth, struggling uttered a roar. And can have heaven and earth shaking roar of [Idiom] compared to the power of this soon seem far less, turned out to be a dud, and even a little bit of sound waves are emitted to. After the monks could finish building an impregnable fortress, impregnable fortress in the small space between the barrier and the squared form, suddenly appeared out of thin air a faint hum. Monks looking aghast, buzz growing, growing, gradually become such as cars roaring like the waves roar, like a mighty volcano eruption completely. Roar, a strong wave broke out in a small space, the monks banging on the squared barrier. An infuriating full Pizhen into lax monks managed to rise. Only to see the front of a pair of boots covered with green. Infuriating not following the monks still fierce resistance does not change, toward the mouth to bite the boots. Brush slamming, head monk is life and life to split from