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remote support, the vampire is a secondary prevention and treatment, but that hidden strong Warrior ...... ' Yoo Ji-day authentic curiosity: 'What type?' 'Versatile.' Guang figure emerge along, watching Liu Ji sophisticated day look, laughed:. 'A man' Vampires have been unable to protect Du wind, followed by a second wave of attacks began. Korean prison sneered Du wind direction, halfway, he sank into the ground figure. Tianshu fairy could not help but frowned, now the wind has no resistance force DU. Korea actually have to sneak into the underground prison attack, it is prudent overdone. This is just a temporary complain, came a strange underground grunt grunt, Han prison to figure resurfaced on the ground. Look weird, body covered with underground metal ring melted into the liquid. Tianshu fairy temper no longer contain himself, pushed a Korean prison. Bingjian waving wind rushed in front of DU. Shouted: 'I came to pick up his head!' Not enough time to hit his sword. 'Boom' sound, smell countless places with flying debris. Tianshu fairy disbelief at his chest. There penetrate out a strong iron fist, fist extremely accurate breakdown point, not only throughout the vital parts of their land, will play into the hands of Bingjian two parts. The man is actually Korean prison. Korean prison cold face looked at him, like liquid metal body meltedThe face became very ugly, forced back wroth and said: '!? Mimi you really going against me in the end of the'Off Mimi snapped: 'You forced your blue Meng instigation by the intention to kill yuan, sever our life, we certainly want to protect yourself!!'Duron Santos said: 'I was to Hello, you listen to me, it was an alarm, and this person will not leave!'Mo Lisha cold tunnel: '? To know who is good and I only live fishes yuan me useful!'Duron Holy helpless, only a wave and said:! 'Well, I can not bear the same door Caoge, the first since civil strife, yuan does not have to check out, I guarantee you that he can make a bed of roses, now you can rest assured that want to ask.' Horsepower tie sighed: 'You just saw that wonderful air, just like the body and pubic hair strength points are discharged from the body, completely wrapped in the same opponent can imagine, and less. its own muscles and bones obstacles, all the forces of oppression to the other body 100 percent, what will be a horrible oppressive. ' Radial dumb, XuLight: 'The first time I saw such a gas, like ...... universe.' Horsepower tie leisurely authentic: 'Xu Yuan, Radial, you are sure to break the wind Du gas it?' Reddy Palmer silent, Xu Yuan mouth flashing a smile and said:. 'No matter what, we first have to reach the final for the job.' Butterflies and day one after Du wind toward the sink, watching him all the way to envy, jealousy, reverence, Baigan taste. After a lapse of two years, the re-emergence in the world arena in the ancient martial Association Independence Day Du wind, absolutely everyone in the Perspective of stars of the first number. Suddenly, the sound of an uproar, not far from the original, Xu Yuan, a pedestrian was walking slowly, their semi-final is about to begin. In addition to wearing a yellow windbreaker, Xu Yuan, the other four are in the black hood and medium-sized, to avoid the eyes and ears. All eyes gaze full of expectations, everyone wants to know Independence Day, this time with pistol tomb Fair, will impact what kind of spark. Xu Yuan Du wind and did not see each other as if the other half of the stride frequency remained unchanged until the moment is about to pass, the wind was nailing down a DU, lightly: '? Twenty years gone, you are okay.' Du wind indifference: 'The others okay?' Xu Yuan lazy authentic: 'Who else??' He clearly was deliberately hanging wind appetite Du, Du wind rare patience and said: '? Ghosts, General Hospital St. whip ...... God, they okay.' Du wind that moment eyes are overflowing with anticipation, hoping to hear all these people together and Xu Yuan news, even if they are far away and promise the same for some unknown reason become an where dare neglect. A road clouds sky lightning pierced the void, the sound of countless howl piercing out, just a little bit of vision people can clearly see, above the clouds, and the brightest people in countless comprehension, mostly monster shape, raw grotesque, do not know what kind of animal into shape. But all in one put an over. The clouds, his face showing a mysterious Grand Master Youse, naturally he could see Yaozu has action, and to seize all Luzhou throughout North Dojo, thousands of years of accumulation, these Yaozu not know birth Story number Yaozu, though not comparable to the year when prehistoric appearance Yaozu flourished, but did not under its powerful Terran now. Shushan in the end what moves, which have not taken into account, no doubt, some time ago the monks rushed to North all Luzhou probably will fall into the hands of Yaozu, this way, Simon tribes killing each other, perhaps This is the beginning of the amulet. Grand Master Xuan lonely face was the color. Stature slowly disappear above the clouds. Shushan above, while the large hall silence, originally motivated the immortal Shushan, now faces are showing a trace of hesitation color. Zhang Mei reality is clouded minds unwilling to show plainly, to a huge club Luzhou North soSaid let let up? Shushan rise Jianpai opportunities in their own eyes and thus to give up? Zhang Mei face cold, sweeping the crowd a large hall. Chen Sheng asked: 'When you have heard of Red Cloud Shishu Zuzu, why Pindao Once upon a time in the land for many years, but have never heard of Once upon these figures?' 'Although the future saint, but after all it is still not a saint. Uncles all is not too mysterious to mind at ease.' Ascetic Toutuo hint of sneer on his face. The rest of Immortals also heard nodded thoughtfully. Although it is possible that sanctification Zhen Fang, but after all, is now no sanctification, and now the secret confusion. That is, it is impossible to deduce the secret saint, a fairy is not sanctified, how can inferring it secret.