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'! Xiao'er trouble you go to a cup of tea to'Folks repeatedly promised to go, eyes always looked Wei Han Ying.He was out the door, Wei Han Ying lost smiles, shaking his head: 'This is really a rare Xiao'er good ......'She sat down, sitting on the bedside .She had never been so Daorang was shocked, she looked ecstatic Leng Leng, a smile and asked: '?? How kind it was very ill.'Then, she clapped touch on the forehead, and this brings have a strange feeling, but she smiled and said:. 'Fortunately, no fever.'Yan Mufei stunned authentic: 'Han Ying you ......'Wei Han Ying said: 'I know how you enter here?'Yan Mufei The preparation for this one to ask, but he just wanted to ask is not this one, but why would she come, why is such a gentle manner, Wei Han Ying Having said that, he just nodded.Wei Han Ying said: 'Do not sit, lie down and listen to me tell you ......'She slowly leaning Yan Mufei lie down, just like a gentle, caring wife, this is never ever do.Yan Mufei surprised face lie down, she added: '! I also learned to look for 'Qiongjia Bang', and listening to them that there was a man last night like you stumbled into this inn, so I got up.'Yanmu Fei said: 'You come ......'Wei Han Ying smiling authentic: 'visiting ah!'Yanmu Fei said: 'You know what I am What is this disease?'Wei Han Ying deeply looked at him and said: 'Do people who are as confused, last night I heard your plaintive voice that shouts, so the second time I boarded the Red Cliff, I see the scene of the booth, you know you are sad enough, I was very remorseful, and I should not be so dark responsible for their own narrow-minded, but I never thought you would be sick, and sick so much. I took heart from a guiltToday I was distressed, anxious cry. Mu fly me to send you to the heart drug, you feel relieved recuperate here, I find Yuqiong go for you. 'Yanmu Fei Yi Tan shook his head and said: 'Han Ying, it seems you are totally mistaken, Do not you know me, I'm sick of course, you are guilty for her, but I never hit it regards because of this harm filled, was surprised to find numerous red flame overwhelming, Pig blink of an eye will burn up around the middle. Where once Pig preparedness, although the repair is very high, it is already mid-Jin Sin, but do not know this unusual fire fire, but when the year Pangu, the opening day of the ax and chaos collided birth flame, for chaos spiritual fire, the fire can be a blessing for general comparison. Just listen to the sound of fire, screams rang out through the heavy fire, the miserable end. 'Xiandi, give him a happy now!' In the end is a bit of friendship with the town Motoko, the concept of God through the void, natural feel all large array, see the outcome had been determined, said quickly. That Zhen Fang nodded, Ni Wan saw a move, a haoguang rising fleet a milky Dinghai beads shine around the sky straight down to jiu their lives as if nothing will be able to see. Haoguang one, suddenly the sky purple stars together than down. Getting the fire pig called, sinking Dinghai beads seemed to see the fish cat, flying in general shot in the past, haoguang flash, suddenly that group received the flame inside, the void has emerged a Dinghai beads, glimpses of which now have an honest pig into, vivid. 'Pig!' Chaos deep, Samsung cave, suddenly sounded shrill screams, was surprised to find a monkey statue, the two drops of blood and tears faint down. Shook the hands of quasi-mentioned Taoist Qibao wonderful tree. Sigh: 'Today you kill him Young, the future you scrapping his apprentice for-one wants a newspaper reported that he have nothing to say..' Said the hands Guanghua flash, light flash on that stone, but See a Full Metal Jacket monkey emerged out of thin air, holding a golden cudgel, monkey eyes red. 'Master!' 'You're in the cave, and hear, the opportunity to go after their own revenge, if you go this time. I'm afraid that even you yourself can not hold.' Quasi-mentioned Taoist face expressionless. Tianzhushan on. Zhen Fang looked on his head hanging down under the stars and brilliance, has a road golden