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masterpiece, barely audible voice Dragons, and that Suolong tower under lightning, did not affect the whole body spangle, looming there is a dragon flying in the golden light, see have a high sense mouth Dengmu stay. Vulcan sighed: 'Getting real dragon of the gas, Wan all evil monarch, today saw, really extraordinary.' Xuanming elders sighed: 'According to legend, when Bowen cut Dragon Dragon will decompose itself as Thirteen, attached above the thirteen royal treasure, but this year the emperor Suolong tower placement purposes like Buddha, and later as a royal treasure Zhu has been repression in River City Dragon. Today it seems that this is the year of the dragon possessed one of the royal treasure. ' 'The emperor is really damn.' Xingtian Presbyterian thundered: 'In order to protect their own Dragon actually come up with such a cut dragon attracted, but do not know God's own rise and fall of the dynasty, where he can control, and actually make a loss for the Five cases The disciples went to cut the dragon, well, tripartite harms lost dragon protection, only a hundred years of shame, he Zhu saved two hundred years, but also the five elements were also suffered the curse, Fallen into a third-martial. ' . 'It is God's' good strong elders sighed: 'This might appear Suolong tower is an opportunity, perhaps a sign, perhaps the timing of the Dragon appeared far away.' 'Big Boss, and Lonely Soke, who want to pass the tone.' Xuanming elders suddenly asked. Her mouth Lonely Lonely palm teach Soke Shushan but long road. Chong jade street, full of people, all kinds of fancy dress make jade streets filled with alien customs. with Zhen Fang behind in, cautiously looking around the shop, his face red rose. Before he was just chipping away at the River City where, basically relying Zhen Fang only today's achievement. Now all of a sudden so he brought all of his assets to bet jade, no wonder my heart a little uneasiness. 'Small side, you really do not understand gambling jade?' Dong Wenqing along the way, the remark