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understand each other in meaning, the moment said: 'Daoxiong may not know, but the North Daoxiong Getting all the Luzhou out Daoxing so profound, Guaren would like for me Daikin Daoxiong National Division, located in Guaren below, Daoxiong once for the National Division, if they are needed to serve the entire Daikin all, I do not know how Daoxiong think? 'solicitation, it is land pressure Taoist after Indiana not to means. He is none other than the eyes naturally see the reason why there is so young Taoist capability, mostly because of the hands of this slyThe reason offsite sword. Originally prepared to look at each other is not a kid at the beginning of the gate, less experienced, stay a chance to kill the good treasure to win. Unfortunately, in the current wave just do not know the mountain, the other would have a clear picture of their natures, where people will believe him, therefore very strict precautions against him. That being the case, it would take another means that solicitation, there is such a master in the side, afraid of what the Emperor and the Tathagata. Jin Choi Fung heard heart of a dynamic, suddenly said: 'Your Majesty kindness, Pindao grateful, but significant relationships matter, Pindao teacher must also talk over with my family, but please wait a few months Majesty, if the teacher allows, poor Eagle Peak Road naturally rushed for labor efficiency pleasures of His Majesty. 'That land pressure Taoist heart was shocked, I did not expect the eyes of the people there are the master, the original order for this person to have such a capability, will also prehistoric human, perhaps aisle ancestral heard preaching, but wanted to talk to this man is the master, the disciples are so powerful, not to mention the master. Hearts sigh fortunately did not have just under a murderous, otherwise mention Yaozu revival, perhaps even their own have been killed each other's teacher. Midong among the carnage is still one, but if it can be carefully distinguish the words, but it was dark at the moment a look up. Chen Shou industry think the way the classroom did not see God begging car guard, asked: '? Whether to go to catch up with yesterday assassin' quasi Mo said: 'There have to finish off, do not Zaixun place. After building a small kitchen, you two wait here, I'll call people open seats, find Peiqia go.' With the call to perform service in the hotel to prepare children messenger, went away go. One will lead the trio came, a fierce Mo, Mo quasi cousin; a Cui Ning, a Xiazheng Ting, all Mo's two generations old door man, older than Mo quasi quite old, a handsome. After their introduction, because Chen industry is a mother to life, Mo quasi should lower generation, call it as Uncle Mo fierce and the others followed the call. Chen industry persisted in his refusal, inconvenient presence of MA Kun said a mother, saying only that each pay their own, determined to be commensurate with the brothers. Mo quasi unsolicited because he has said many times, had changed in accordance with the. A banquet will be open on the forest located on the inside, to the little brother with drinking and laughing, very happy. Although people can not afford to look MA Kun, because he articulate and flexible, long time are also close. I end with each play games seen to play. MA Kun exclaimed: 'This is something I blame one person to listen Xiandi bad breath, who was different and I can expect a bit and my senseless.I do not know the severity retreat out of trouble. This time to save his younger brother, in addition to Xiandi this way, are there any law? After that I do not ask once, despite Xiandi a person scheduling Yuxiong all from life. 'Chen industry Suri proud to see him arrogant, actually lowering phase from the heart, but also quite , thought by himself moved Ancun: people who had not, as long as the change is good thereby MA Kun. Not only did light evil heart, and have actually added a close. Charles, Tony Morohito banquet place, but took home into a large partial hospital, a row of five rooms. Courtyard is very large,