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abandoned the armor of God Emperor. Armor of God looked up and said: 'You are coming to ask me about the past record I have already told you, it is very distant future, this era has been missing records, but everywhere and there are legends god of the universe, that God is? Heaven. ' Yang Ying softly: 'That no matter what we do is for nothing, the future is still in control of the Emperor, is to kill the Emperor.' Armor of God growled authentic: 'In theory the future can be changed.' Yang Ying smiled and said: 'In theory, there is need to change at least two future timeline, the timeline may all have been wiped out of Heaven, and now the only one.' Armor of God looked up and looked at Yang Ying said: 'My polygraph program tells me that you have found a way to construct a new timeline, just do not want to say it at the same time to determine the program told me that if you want to construct a new timeline, then cut off the old. timeline, I will naturally disappear. ' Yang Ying nodded and said: 'So we are fighting the inevitable.' Yang Ying staring armor of God's hand and said:. 'You are not Huangji Xian Qi' Yang Ying nodded, her palm into a knife-like vertical, facing cliffs Zihei mucus clotted knife to gently draw the god body hair floating feeling, the moment in Yang Ying Once upon a gravitational wave loses color under the action of mucus also Daoshi out of the clouds float, the armor Stewards to the air. Cliff College mucus remains ingrained constitute nail in the cloud, Daoshi this power did not hold up after thousands of years before the formation of the mountains. Knife is completely different from the power of Yang Ying unauthorized able to resolve all of the scalpel, but without more ado to the knife will dig up the foundation of all mucus uprooted metal armor layers wrapped around the body armor of God, his body pulse high alert issued on behalf of the credit, trembling armor of God: 'The days of shadow princess, what is the knife?' Yang Ying eyes flashed a happy smile and said: 'the world or put Asura Road, Zhen Fang or become subordinate army, gathered in the town of demon tower, to continue to fight the enemy. Road to form a milky white soul an enormous flow of energy injected into the eyes of compassion Zhen Fang ground, causing a surge of pain, but it is in constant evolution compassionate eye with, do not know what is about to evolve into shape. Kun-yuan fairy king in the hands of Yin and Yang make shine in the past, the military spirit foes into ash, leaving a surge of pure energy did not enter into their own land yuan tires, not only to make their tires more condensate real dollars more to make their own reinforce the internal base of more solid, could not help but laugh. The old head on the side of the old tree demon also exposed cheerful smile, extremely happy, in the hands of the wooden stick hit faster, the power is more powerful. And Han Jiao Zhi fairy face flushed, her under guard in the town of demon tower, if not besieged military spirit, but it is not hurt, in the hands of the whip really smoked rushing sound, may not be able to destroy the military between hands the soul, but the defense worries, but we can also pack a lot of soul of that huge and pure element of energy injected into the tire itself into, she clearly felt yuan tires only real condensate a lot, but even with real dollars has become more pure, original heterogeneous real dollars slowly turned blue real dollars, is really unlimited benefits. Military spirit seemed endless, people do not know how to kill time, just know that the hands constantly waving magic, do not know where they have immediate concern, only to find space in expanding into space, a variety of vertical and horizontal light around, Jian Qi rising, cold light people skin; red light-filled, warm and engaging, the red one, the entire space has emerged in an fishy flavor, but in the huge golden shining merit soon fly into smoke, or Asura became public, or re-transformed from Zhen Fang soul into the army, in the hands of long dagger pointing to former hope, that he is worried about what Jin Shiyi also late enough skill to help him, And said why, and it does not even worse, your daughter does not have any suggestions? 'Tuwan Fu Wu looked a Tsering said: 'My daughter said that most other people can consider that your daughter is Wuxiong of our well-furnished, and time-consuming for a long time, she came here for a moment, immediately able to identify flaws, this woman is not removed, our the situation is really worthy of consideration! 'Tsering Wu also said: 'I have already said, that ghost girl scheming Yun Shan, butterfly old but still do not care, women and children's generation believes negligible ......'Gently blue Meng Yi Tan said: '! I have always been difficult to believe that a girl as much, after which a few failures, I have to admit that their superficial'Tuwan Fu said: 'Fortunately, we have sixty or seventy people, the strength of several times stronger than the other, carefully deal with, not to suffer too, but can not afford to old butterfly rash engaged!'Blue Meng said: 'I know that, after a certain caution, but it is best to ask your daughter to come, to draw on her wisdom, insight into the situation of the enemy, in order to make the policy payable!' said: 'My daughter said face to face battle of wits, she was not as good as Wu Yunshan self-supporting, so stay made after deployment, first deal with butterflies old, if not, to withdraw to the second line of defense after the whole by her to deal with!'Think Blue Meng said: 'good, not solve them today, give up this place, we can start over too, for a delay, or a favorable time for us.'Tuwan Fu laughed: 'This is the meaning of my daughter, a former butterfly heart too old Qiucheng cut before they become common knowledge today if unsuccessful, we should retreat, according to the Central Plains, in the lakes set off tidal waves among various sects, contributed to each other isolated, Individual slowly break them, my daughter thought so Yuwen Shu Shi Qiong Yao Yuan jointly with the biggest blunder,