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disadvantage . But they both know, Zhen Fang just eat a burned, although the injury now touch flat, but does not really heal. Zhen Fang face cold, sneered: 'You are a saint, although repair, saint supernatural powers, butBut not to the moral saint. Saints often good save, so no disposable people; often save good thing, so no thrown away. You're sure to mention in the end is a pseudo Taoist holy only, so the characters are actually able to accept beings worship is really a big joke, and even ashamed Pindao have arrived, this sage rather forget! Quasi-mentioned Taoist, you obsession too, there must be a newspaper, and at the moment is not to retreat after Pindao probably can not protect you in the future Pindao or two of. ' 'Haha, Red Cloud Young, you can hardly protect themselves, how to protect Pindao. Saints die, things are off, only saints immortal. Hongyun Young though supernatural invincible, but in the end is just Daoxing quasi holy, even blessing of Heaven I am afraid that today is also a way to escape the seal, if you retire today, the future Pindao call the shots, to avoid the danger destroy teach. but also to stay alive. Young think? 'quasi-mentioned Taoist like to hear a joke Like, could not help but laugh. 'Worth mentioning, let Daoxiong some insight today.' Zhen Fang misty breath the whole body, as if from a touch of speech thirty-three days floated outside, fall into quasi-mentioned Taoist ears, I saw a gray square **** now Chen behind the occult, it is famous Heaven **** Three Realms, but Chen square eyes glazed, very empty, as if their souls have disappeared without a trace. Quasi mention Taoist shocked face also a hint of color, Zhen Fang at the moment, as if the whole body into the Heaven among the quasi-mentioned Taoist do not see any change in which the land. This breath too familiar, that is, to Hongjun Taoist who feel that kind of huge breath in Zixiaogong in very mysterious, ineffable. 'Namo Amitabha!' Is quietly falls escorts Taoist Taoist quasi-mentioned side, his face solemn. Other as well known. The Holy See in the West, but there is a force faint, retaining its tightly, therefore can not be induced, but the same is true, it can be concluded that there must be here the rest of the Divine Dragon. 'Daoxiong please go to the grindstone.' Breeze Live Lonely Road and looked at each other, suddenly have to care about. Hint of a smile on his face resolute and said: 'These Western barbarians year while I wait when closing, do not know how many people to kill me Divine, and then deliberately looking for some repair to the lower of the people, saying, held on the East and West Road ceremony, seriously damaging the interests of my Divine comprehension community. Well, anyway, a few decades later. or to its on the road, not weak now to settle down, killing up to say. As for the witch demon prize, to say the least, I am afraid that Emperor Ying Zheng is impossible at the moment and so I stabbed on a 'breeze Daoxiong said even! 'Lonely Road nodded, also endorsed road.' Magic hands Daoxiong if unfavorable, Pindao door division treasure can help. 'Then a loud shout, but it is two purple light blue sky. The entire hall is filled with purple blue light became acoustic twice Dragons resounded throughout the entire fortune. 'Purple blue swords!' All the monks was shocked, I did not expect this thing Shushan actually there to guard the safety of Shushan faction. This purple blue swords already acquired Lingbao stage, when the Magic do not know the drink human blood. The combined power of two swords is more powerful, but the principle is the year when the cut-taught expert Gods sky fairy hands Jinjiao cut almost, very sharp, almost right way the first weapon. Zhen Fang faint smile, positiveThat guy looks a talented, if just from the appearance point of view to go, really a bit like a son of nobles. 'Bao Shude said:' Well, the money actually trivial, who told you I was a friend of it, but not to arouse his suspicions first, and then we get a clear idea to start with. 'Baili Chao heard shocked, Ancun said:' snow.'Tianchi Venerable coughed and said: 'Are you going to go undercover old friend you have a better excuse - Exploration woman!?.'Miller Master smile: 'For decades not bother me today to find the door with this reason, I do not die of old Duron myself not that stupid?!'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'That is not justified, but the Master could have done a little more thoroughly, the first step, to tell us the whereabouts of the other party, will be available to trust!'Miller on humanity: 'That does not work, post your whereabouts with another group of people to meet, there is no much value, old Duron will not receive this love it!'Yu Shi Yuan laughed: 'Master, if our strength, and our action plan, revealed to Duron house, they would not to be taken lightly up!'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'This is not how the line all the vent end it??'Yu Shi Yuan laughed: 'The fact that we did not even make any plan!'Tianchi Holiness touched head and said: 'Yes ah, that we are resourceful, not made plans to tell people that he should give it Luanche can!? Luo Feile stared sinking blue spar, like a baby:. 'So beautiful, Independence Day, send me oh' Du wind shank flick, spar off Ruluofeile collar, he cold tunnel:. 'This is a mirage spar, used to load on a virtual reality system of the city, will be very effective.' Luo Feile stared and said: '? Mirage' In ancient legend, the mirage is by the river mist moisture into a monster, but no fossils or specimen found in the real world, after all, it is considered an illusory legend. Luo Feile sinking riveted blue spar, authentic to himself: 'The world actually has shui and mirage ...... ...... Is Is?' She suddenly broke out soon exclaimed: 'Is this Independence Day will be upon a time!!' Du wind tunnel deadpan: 'There is such a possibility.' Strange mirage into the bridge has been completely destroyed, as Du wind blade eyes, through to the foot being disturbed turbulent river. Frantically surging up the river, but the water level is down one begins to shrink, it can sink all creatures