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swordsmanship a show, they can Wencaoshengsuan, I did not realize is still to Kou Fang Gao meteor stopped, can not pass. This inn is not spacious yard, to Kou Fang Gao meteor took up two feet of space, where Gu Zhihua can dodge more limited. Feng Lin Chong not in the past, two to kill another two, and the palace Yizhong Mu B, just evenly matched; Cheng Lin Xu Huyan two double battle to uphold in the wind, unable to rescue, Gu Zhihua situation is getting more dangerous the . The common phenomenon of sneered: 'do not throw the sword now, when!' Sound to people that suddenly proximity radical left palm a prop hilt, right palm Bianxiang Gu Zhihua grabbed the shoulder! Kankan caught fingertip has stained clothes feast, as long as impulsive serve, Pipa Gu Gu Zhihua's going to crush him! On this occasion hairbreadth shoved heard loudly shouted: 'Stop!' The common phenomenon of a Hope to hear this sound, at once startled hesitated Although nails pierced in Gu Zhihua clothing, but not under Push pinch. Fortune said, that moment, but see a prosperous and shadow. Like an arrow from the skills of the disease, prosperous before hitting the common phenomenon of 'Bu' is heard, the man with two fingers of a bomb, a common phenomenon of rebound in the jaws of death. The common phenomenon of shouting, with gun trace backwards with six seven steps, shouted: 'Mr. Meng, Mr. Meng what are you doing!?' It turned out to actually be Meng Shentong! Meng Shentong scolded: 'You boy, how to bully, bully a woman?' The common phenomenon of cried: 'Mr. Meng, you may not know, this woman is sent Lv Siniang Mangshan disciples, Cao Kinji already decided to send the Mangshan Succession head! And, she, she is to be the emperor of Qinfan arrest you! 'In fact, the common phenomenon of is' something I do not know, 'Meng Shentong how do we tolerate bullying his daughter, not wait for listening, is excitedly big anger, a palm, lightning will hit him a slap, shouted: 'I do not care what you Qinfan Qinfan, you dared to touch her a scratching, I'll kill you Snow, your first interest rate adjustment carefully about it, see how I pick up the pirates.' . 'Eight Ga ah road' Nara Koichi furious, shouted:. 'On' the moment his hands to hold a knife, the knife Dunqi blanket of darkness, came a faint between Li Xiao, swing and engaging, skin chills. The other ninja also have around us, though they are twelve, but ants can bite like. Although the ability of high-strength high-righteous, but this time has been to pin down wood, the village is a strange flashing red light on Yaodao, hit the high-righteous sword of fire, bursts of groans, Guanghua increasingly dim, Where there is still time to rescue the Secretary Snow and others. Less than half the day, Secretary Snow, who would fall under the wind, lined shoulder has suffered a sword macro Nara, Secretary Snow face more pale. Zhen Fang air sighed, then do not save now, when. Quickly brings immediate red gourd, and saw that the red ridge gourd grown size, hand in hand towards the tower ninja Suolong smashed in the past. That ninja who is watching the killing field, where the thought of death in the air also spent a gourd middle of the head, the sound did not even issue a bit, then together with the number of people around to see the Amaterasu. 'Little Fuso pirates, dared to come to my Divine run wild!' Above clouds, Zhen Fang Lengheng. Then with Shouyi Zhao, and that the ground seems to be holding Suolong tower some rope, slowly fly into the air. At this point all the talent found parked in a strange sky and white clouds. 'Eight protoss.' Secretary Snow and others by surprise. According to Newton's gravitation, although these protoss powerful ability, but not the Royal Air line, only to the eight to volley over the line. 'Divine comprehension? Magic?' Ye Yilang wooden hearts surprise, he may be different from those abilities rookie, eight one hundred million who can afford is the Royal Air line, but do not move to the cloud. Not driving fog. According to the records of the family, the vast land is a mysterious place,