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Shiyi, the two men's lightweight and can be much worse, and not only with Feng Zhisheng skirts, or even hear the heavy breathing of their breath, they will be landed, Ji Xiaofeng them gently along , this did not make a noise. Jin Shiyi recognize that they are rich trench two followers. In fact, in terms of the general character of the political arena, the two men dodge is not too bad, but compared with , of course, is shame. Ji Xiaofeng stretch of four significant, waved, said that no one around. Ji Xiaofeng had eyes and ears are very sensitive, as long as there is a slight sound, he could hear it. This is also why Jin Shiyi exigencies breath breathing. Jin Shiyi chuckled, sit on the sidelines to see what the hell Ji Xiaofeng pound. I saw Ji Xiaofeng made a few gestures, pointed to the garden center of a house, then they leave alone, ran straight to the valley like home now houses. Jin Shiyi know how to 'sign language' underworld, that few gestures, 'said,' is: 'You go to enmesh the old woman, I would have to find people .. Jin Shiyi track, and then I thought:' it is better to go to look at the valley lady, real kung fu this fat on top, I'm afraid Valley woman could not deal with him. Anyway Ji Xiaofeng always meet with them, is to let him steal a few things Taniya nothing. 'That Regal took his two followers, tile disabilities the back, Jin Shiyi quietly followed them, and that the houseRevealing that the lights are crowded together rich two attendants, from ten central skylight roof was covered with glass opened by looking inside. Jin Shiyi he fell in beside them, and gently lifted a piece of tile, these two guys did not even notice it. Jin Shiyi have heard out of the house with two people playing chess, and my heart is from the funny:? 'Mrs. Han Yingjie also regarded Girls, noticing that two stupid guys steal the skylight, she did not find the gall have such pursuits chess. 'Unexpectedly a glance, Jin Shiyi also shocked. But the original was actually playing chess and his wife Han Feng Lin, Jin Shiyi really the ground to the small lead, the prince, who stars as if Liangbing razor move gently in the back, scared pale, quickly said: 'White from major general said even that, I'll wait for Wal gratitude Majesty, His Majesty rescue request thousands of Lebanon, dominate the landscape, Yongchang eternal. 'This time where also care about what a disgrace not to lose face, Ding lead this time to find each other really strong, strong enough to dare to confront their own. If Ding, who can lead the rise, it would see Wu Ying Zheng big hint of a smile on his face, as if to put down a thought in general, will be in the hands of Yuxi gently close up. Yes, it is sinking to let Yuxi Ying Zheng has so much power. Yuxi emperor ruled the world but that has Yuxi can have thousands of Lebanon's reading ability. This concept forces the formation of a huge and terrible energy. Really angry dragon emperor's body can borrow to increase their dignity, to the Royal subjects. And without cultivation. Proficient in the art of yin and yang to the emperor is impossible to know this secret. 'Your Majesty, this time when the proper arrangements, when His Majesty still leave here as well.' Elders and good strong breeze and othersI do not know how many times to fight dealings, naturally want to understand the opportunity to rein in these sects is impossible. 'Your Majesty, here the air is poor, how can we when His Majesty the palace, or find another place for him is good.' Lined eyes a move, said: 'Emperor riding Zhongnanshan peak picturesque scenery, but also with the next capital Xianyang, subjects known to have a ride on the emperor peak weak martial art, you can surrender it, as the palace is located. ' Heard one side of the small lead hearts with laughter, but the good fortune that the Emperor riding real Zhen Fang Feng temple, there is a large array of protecting Zhou stars, How is the average person can go. Into the good, you can immediately go to war with in the right way, this can also be gods from troubled waters. 'Your Majesty, that